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Hawk vs. Falcon


Kevin has super powers of the hawk variety, he is going to duel with a guy who has super powers of the falcon variety. I don’t know about the super powers part, but I know there might be a fight. I am outside in the yard, it’s nighttime, I go inside through the walkout basement. The house is big and there are people streaming through it. It might be a dorm. It’s somewhere I live but not really my home.

I’m upstairs with my mother. She is going to tell me the story of the jewelry. I go back downstairs to the laundry area. I discover that I’d hidden some stuff in a pair of my jeans. The stuff starts falling out, back into the laundry basket. There are colorful books (children’s level) on hawks. There are also some bobbles.  I try to gather it up without anyone noticing. There are people coming down the stairs and I am facing them, but they don’t seem to notice what I’m doing, or rather, that the stuff is important. The information about the hawks is secret, if the wrong people get it, it could be disastrous. I wonder in what ways a hawk is more powerful than a falcon.

Kevin will end up winning the battle.


I am intrigued by the levels of knowing in the dream. There is the dreamed character and the dreamer who witnesses. I wonder about tapping into these different levels of awareness in dreaming and waking time.

Pudu Gives Warning


I walk next door to Dee’s house. There is a small gathering at that white ranch house that had bunnies in the backyard, like we did when I was a kid. The gathering (maybe a wedding?) is Indian catered. There is a small russet colored deer (pudu?), gorgeous color and fur, and a beautiful cow laying in the yard looking at me. The Cow and Pudu are radiant with life and health. I really want to talk to the Pudu. I look over at him, a little awkwardly. The Pudu comes over to me and takes me across the street (in front of the olive colored ranch house) to talk.

He says, “If you are going to keep living here you’re going to have to change your lifestyle.”

I ask the Pudu, “Aren’t you the Pudu?”

He says, “It doesn’t really matter.”

In response to his statement, I immediately think of midwifery school and some other places I could go besides here in Portland, that wouldn’t be so costly (in both money and time). (“Wasn’t there one I really liked in Vancouver?”) I go check it out.


Hmmm… Happy to see Pudu and the Cow, both so gorgeous. And, I love talking to people and animals in my dreams. The Cow and Pudu seem suspiciously like Anandi Ma and Dileepji. Yeah!!! I was glad for this warning. As I’ve thought about my wanting to go back to school, I’ve always been leery of the money and lifestyle crunch involved. I really don’t want to go into more debt. When I thought back on the dream, I immediately imagined myself working full-time, having a baby and going to school. There was no art in that vision of the future for obvious reasons. But, I’ve started to look into other options…and that is yielding some interesting/promising results.

This dream also made me think about my friend Dee. Dee is my oldest friend. She lived (and still lives) across the street from my childhood home. I hadn’t called her back for a couple weeks because I was sad that she might not be able to come out to visit for my wedding like I was hoping. The dream reminded me to let go of my crap and call her. Happily, it looks like she will be able to come after all, and more importantly I got to touch base with my longtime friend.

Baldy Weather


I am passing through a neighborhood that has quite a bit of open space. I see a bald eagle perched in a tree top in someone’s front yard. I start to tell my friend about it, but after I go by a few more houses I stop talking when I see another bald eagle in a tree top. I am so surprised and elated to see the bald eagles again.


It’s baldy weather outside. Chilly, windy, with some flurries. I think I saw a deer in my dreams last night too.

Monkey Fable


It’s the forties, approximately, and a movie is being filmed. They are on the set, the director, etc. They are trying to show the actor how to shoot. The actor is on the set with his gun. They have trained a monkey to aggravate the actor. This goes on and on. At a certain point the actor is supposed to shoot the monkey straight in the chest. This is method acting I guess. He’ll shoot for real out of anger and frustration, so that when he needs to act it out in the movie he will do it convincingly. Finally the time comes. He pulls out his gun and points it at the monkey’s chest, who is standing with his arms out (like presentation, or a hug) looking right at him annoyingly (as he is supposed to). The actor can’t do it. He kneels on the cement floor of the studio, bent over himself. He feels defeated. The monkey comes over and hugs him. The monkey is so grateful.

I hear, “Sometimes a sign of weakness can be the best thing.”


I wake thinking about the monkey. What a horrible position to be put it. Wanting to do right by your trainers–who are training you toward your own death, but wanting to protect your own life. Because of his faithfulness to his trainers the monkey is only saved by the actor’s failure. Thank goodness for his failure.

The whole thing is set up like a DVD extra from the filming of this old ’40’s b/w movie.

Maps of Potent Places


I look at some big maps. The are of the atlas variety. The first one that I am shown is a country near India, or Europe. In the empty/negative space around the country, there is text book type information. I don’t read it yet. But, I know that this is a map of a particularly potent place on Earth. I am excited to look at other places. There are maps of every place. I think about Iowa City, where I was born, maybe that is cool. I look at the map but there is nothing special about it. I pick up two more maps of potent places. One is a country near Puru (Bolivia?) and one is an uninhabited land like Antarctica, only at the top (N. Pole).

This information, these tomes, come from the mouth of a stone oven, which is a library. Dileepji led me here, I was hoping that he would come back again to help me out some more. There is a tall thin man, who lives in the oven. He walks around hunched over, it is only about 4-5 feet tall. He brings things out for me and goes back into other stone rooms, to get things for me from the stacks.



I want to explore these areas more and read the text that comes with them. Are they places on Earth, or perhaps, in Earth. I was thinking a lot about Hollow Earth theories, due to too much Lost, before sleep. What are these places? Are they maps of entry points, or the places themselves? What are there properties? This brought me back to my current map project. Time to get back to work on it.

Blue Whale


Big blue whale cresting, in the big beautiful ocean.


Just a little bit of a dream, but it made me so happy. I have been hearing the whale call since I moved out to the west coast. This is the first time I have caught a glimpse of one.