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Banana Peal

Dream: I’m at a movie theater, during intermission and before some Christian people sing in front and then some Hindus sing in the audience. I sing with the Hindus since they are closest to me (physically, but mostly ideologically). Some on steals all the good stuff from my purse.
Later I walk out, a conversation happens between me and a friend in the bathroom.
Later I am at a friend’s, it’s a basement appartment, mostly reds and warm tones. She was raped by the same guy who robbed me. She’s working on it. I tell her she’ll never really get over it in a certain way. She’ll have to find a place to put it. She tells me she is making tarot cards. They are big–near legal size, horizontal with drawings that are in color and remind me of Shane’s work. I’m impressed with that (it seems really good to work on it in that way). She starts to tell me her story, but I am distracted.
A bald eagle flies into the window. He perches outside, curved to fit his largeness in the small frame (contorted almost like a bird in an egg). I want to listen to her but the eagle is so amazing. I can see every detail–the beak/face is amazing. There is a banana peal that was on the cement ledge, just under the slightly open window. The eagle swoops up the peal in its beak and starts to consume it. A little surprising. I am so amazed by the bird, not spellbound, but I can’t look away. The eagle can’t fit through the window so a hawk flies in gliding across the small basement room.
I leave the house, I’m in NY and I am going to drive back to Iowa. I go one way but soon it is a dirt road with really sketchy houses. I turn around and see a runner. I show him my map. It turns out I won’t have to go through the city, so things will be much quicker. I call Kevin to have him come meet me and drive me the rest of the way, because I am tired. I need to be at work by 3pm on Friday (in about 12 hours). He comes and thinks we’re going to sleep together in Ohio. But I clarify that I was hoping he would drive me the rest of the way.


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