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Lake MacBride

The weather was beautiful today–not super sunny, but overcast in a way that brightens the colors and muffles sound–just how I like it. I drove up to Lake MacBride to see if I could run into the bald eagles my friend Sterling sees up there. I didn’t see them–I kind of wonder if they are still around, it’s so warm out now. I did see beautiful geese (up close–they flew right in front of my car), a turkey, pretty cows and horses. It was super beautiful at the park. It felt so good to drive in the Iowa countryside. I never thought I would get into the land here. But I love driving on the highways and seeing everything that is the same and different, and spying animals. The park was full of bird noises, and you could hear the cars on the road nearby, but it was still so very still compared to in town. I came to look but pretty much right away I just wanted to sit and meditate. So, I did. It was such a beautiful meditation.

I noticed a lot of people there fishing. I kind of wonder if the fishing is just an excuse to be in the quiet and soak up the energy. Then again I was watching Fishing with John the other night and he was saying that fishing was the only way to see the fish–kind of sad.

Last night Kevin, Eric and I were driving up to Cedar Rapids for dream group. A dear stopped in front of the car. I started squeaking a little bit and waving my hands near my face–afraid we would hit it. Then it just looked at over at us and ran across the road. I was so glad. I love that there are so many dear here, but it is so sad/scary to see that frozen look in front of your car. We saw some more dear on the way back home. All in all the last few days have been great animal days–and very lucky for everyone with no hitting the dear.


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What is flight?

Birds are masters of the air. Masters in the sense of knowledge. Really in order to fly one must both know how to use the air to one’s advantage and how to yield to the air. Meeting the air. Being in the flow (as Kali Ray would say). Being in the flow is being in the fly. The two air aspects of human life are the interaction with air from without (breathing) and the metaphorical inner air (the mind). Mastering the breath and controlling the winds of the mind bring flight. Through meditation and pranayama one can fly. And…hatha yoga to have a firm ground to push off of.

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Wake up call

I was trying to stay asleep today. I had my head covered up to keep out the pesky light. Then I heard an especially loud bird song. I looked over at the window and saw that a songbird had landed on my open window! Of course the Savage Beast I call my dog chased the birdy away. And…I got up.

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Hawk Vision: at 500ft hawks can see about 27 square miles, at 1000 they can see about 39, at 5000: 86, and at 10000: 122. Hawks usually are at between 2300 and 4600 ft at the height of the day heat. Vultures reach 10,000 feet–their rocking motion enables them to climb much higher than other hawks.

Kiting: hanging motionless in the wind
Hovering: flapping in one spot

Kettles of birds may contain more than one type of bird as many are attracted to the thermal.

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I’ve been reading Edward Peter Nolan’s “Cry Out and Write” off and on for a while now. It covers the writings of 3 female Chrisian visionaries: Vibia Perpetua, Hildegard of Bingen and Julian of Norwich. He is interested in the feminine style of revelation. This is non-conclusive, fluid, and experiential rather than descriptive/illustrative. As an artist, I find his investigation of their work as inspirational as their work. Right now I am in the middle of the last section, on Julian. She writes of her shewings/visions–in one of them she finds herself looking at a “lytle thyng the quantity of a hazelnut”. This thing God says is both everything that is created and nothing. Nolan suggests the point of this vision is to “actively stretch the capacity of the mind for new senses of scale and dimensionality”. This passage reminds me of something my AP Chem teacher said in highschool. He was explaining just how little matter there is in each atom, and how much energy. He said that if all the nothing/energy was taken out of every atom in the universe what would be left is an object no larger than a golf ball. It would seem that the hazlenut-sized object could be this matter, which God filled to make such a huge universe. It is both everything (in a material sense) and nothing (in comparison the the Energy/God that makes it what it is).

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Art For Sale

This print is titled: “We die because we cannot connect the end to the beginning”–Alcamaeon of Croton, 5th c. BC, it was printed in 2001 by apprentices at Tamarind–13.25″ x 18″, four layers of printing on a delicate Japanese rice paper, edition of 14. $108 (S/H) included.

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Golden Eagle Dream

I think I’m in New Mexico, or some place like that, clear wide blue sky. I think I see a golden on a roof. I am with someone smaller than me, I lean over a little to show it to them. On closer inspection it actually is a man crouched on the roof wearing an golden eagle outfit. His face isn’t covered at all. I don’t mind that I pegged him wrong, because up in the sky there is a whole kettle of goldens.

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