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Dream: I am walking along a road with Kevin. I see a guy flying and get pretty excited. Kevin understands when I want to go talk to this fellow flyer. Kevin keeps on walking up the road and I fly over to the guy. The guy flies a little more jerkily than I do. I am flying easily, floating up when I think to, and landing softly. Even though he flies a little clumsily I am happy to fly with him. We fly back the way that Kevin and I had come from and land on an industrial rooftop at the bottom of the hill–the building seems to be in the center of the road. It is some kind of red color, kind of like wet red clay, and the roof top seems more like some kind of machine, like a mixer that you could get sucked into. We are not worried at all about the roof, just resting.
Kevin is in the living room at the house party of sorts, there is some kind of situation going on. A lady is hanging on to Kevin, she says “Lily is gone and so is ___(her friend), so now I guess we can be together.” Kevin is not moved, he says: “not exactly, things are still up in the air.”
I fly into the house with the guy, I am happy to be there and see Kevin. I notice some big burly ruffians are coming after me, they are pissed about the flying. I try to fly out of reach, but the ceiling is slanted to a low point where I am and I can’t go any higher. One of them grabs my ankle.


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Yesterday I went out to Lake MacBride to shoot for my current project (the meditation room at the University of Iowa Hospital). I was planning on shooting the water picture (out of water, earth and air). I was standing on the bridge, looking over the lake and there were a few swallows flying about. A little while later the wind picked up and all of the sudden there was a whole cloud of them. I managed to get several photos with my 4 x 5 (I never thought I would get a picture of anything in motion with that thing). Hopefully a least one will come out. It was such a rush to be so close to the birds–as close as about 4 feet at times… Not to mention just the day before I was thinking of how it would be fun (although something I would never do) to do some project where my swallows came off my chest and flew around.

Earlier this week I saw a white duck swimming around in the Coralville Pond. Just one, amidst all the mallards and geese.

And, in dreamtime: Lots of dreams about flying this weekend after taking some intensive yoga classes on Saturday.

1. I’m flying around the dreamtime version of Iowa City, a house is for sale on Plum Street (I think it is the one where the home schooled Christian kids lived when I was little). I kind of like the house, but it is so crappy I don’t know why. Half of it is under construction of some sort and the other half is in shambles. Some on chooses the house. I fly around during this. Later I am at work where I manage office people. I want to take the day off. I talk to my coworker who is at a similar level. He says it is okay but we’ll give everyone (the 30+ people) 15 min smoke breaks (2 from 8am to noon), and not enforce the time limits, and that way they will not resent me taking the day off. I fly away, in different ways, floating up, etc. I fly behind the Plum St. house again. It didn’t work with the family–they’re standing at the curb. They are going to have to auction it off in the next 24 hours.
(A couple days later in waking time, I was driving by Plum St and saw that the house in my dream (either that or the one right next to it) is currently for sale.)

2. I disguise myself as an 86 year old woman and die (pretend to). I get an ambulance ride to the hospital. I am trying to escape or something. I change my clothes (after running away, off the gurney and into a back room at the hospital). I try to gather some of my stuff to take with me. I can’t grab very well and only manage to get a few nursey clothes. I say “fuck it” and go, they may be of use if I get a nursing job wherever I end up. I run through the streets of Madison(/medicine?)–it’s nighttime–someone is chasing me. I realize I can fly. I start rising up, just before I clear the people’s heads I wake up.

3. I am in a large Smith-type dorm room. It is more like a dance studio, no furniture, just a rough wooden floor and the windows. I am with a female friend. Two song birds come in through the door. They are the little brown guys with white bellies. I open a window and try to show them how to get out, they keep flying around the room. Then two swans fly in the room. They are white with a little grey on their wings. I am alone now. They fly around a while and then come to the ground. The birds keep navigating the room, despite my efforts to show them the way outside. (Although I can’t help wondering why they would want to come near me to get out anyway.) I decide to take pictures. I grab my digital camera. I was awkward and my camera was working really slow, so I didn’t get anything good, even though the swans laid down on their sides for the pics. The songbirds leave through the door. I look at the swans. They say sarcastically: “you think she knows anything about the way things flow?” I turn around to see a bat fly towards me. It is really Coco, my chihuahua, with bat wings on. The bat asks me to help him put salve on his ribs under his 1 and a half arms, something’s happened of his arms, it has been diminished by something. He has two oozing sores under his arms. A small one under the full arm and a big one with a dressing under the partial arm. I have one glove on and am holding the ointment. I get the sense that even the ointment is toxic to me.

4. I am in an old house with my brother. It is kind of like a horror movie. There is a “bad guy”-person who is nixing people. They seem to be able to predict our moves. But, we figure it out. We abandon the big old house to get away. Andre goes off in one direction and disappears. I run with Coco, who has turned into a slow 50lb dog. I know it is a dream so I don’t think carrying him should be a problem or prevent flying. I fly awkwardly over many places. It seems like going downtown from our house, but things are different. At one point I crash (as in rest) on a rooftop covered with pretty ribbons arranged in a pattern. I go into the store from the roof staircase and make friend’s with some ladies. Then I keep flying, with the large Coco in a sling.

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This Week in Wings

I saw three white geese on the Iowa River on my bike ride to work last friday. I think they were Lesser Snow Geese. Very lovely. They looked like these guys.

Dream: I’m flying with three “crows” (really starlings) outside my bedroom window. We perch in the tree there, and fly around in the dusky light. I am a little surprised that that person (one of the birds) is still flying around my bedroom window.

Waking dream: I was over at Hickory Hill shooting for my new project (the meditation room at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics). Across the street there was a mother duck and her two ducklings. They kept walking back and forth trying to cross the street to get to the park, etc. Then she led them over a side of the street drain and one of the ducklings fell over backwards into the drain! It was a pretty sad moment. It took her a few moments to realize the duckling was missing. She went back and looked in the drain and the other one almost fell in while looking.

Tuesday we came home late in the evening and there was a bat flying around in the meditation room. I have to admit I freaked out a little. My mother had told me that turning on the lights would put the bat to sleep. However I thought that this would happen right away I guess–who knows what I was thinking. Anyways, Kevin caught the bat in a blanket and threw the bat and the blanket outside. Since then I have been informed that with lights off and an open window they should be able to find there way out with their sonor.

Wednesday I was driving home from Cedar Rapids and there was a starling flapping its wings on its back on the side of the road. There were other birds flying around the injured one. I got out and tried turning the bird over with an object, because I had heard that bats can’t get off their backs and thought maybe this was true with birds as well. I think I was just feeling a little sad still from watching the little duckling go down the drain. Anyway, when I got close the the bird it seemed like there was probably a bigger problem besides just being on its back. Alas, the bird stayed there, still flapping. These two birds down got me thinking about how death is such a part of life. As humans we seem to tuck it away and don’t see the death and decay that much in daily life. Even seeing how many seedlings try to grow and yet maybe only one in a thousand becomes a tree. Makes me feel more balanced about the losses I experience.

And, last but not least, the owl that lives in our neighborhood who has been MIA for weeks is back on the scene. Hoo, hoo, hoo.

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