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At Work

Dream: I am at work and flying all around the hospital. There is one coworker who can also fly. He keeps reminding me that it is because he does this roll up into a headstand and then jump off to upside-down low levitation thingy. He’s very smiley as he does all this.


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Visiting the Future

Well, I am pretty sure I would get the Galactic Phil stamp of approval, since it involves the future. Here’s my latest flight dream:
I walk up to our house. It is white and out in the country, but seems just like our current house otherwise. I’m carrying fire wood or something. I go in the side door and see someone has put a little white portable TV there and possible added a love seat. Maybe it is the landlord. I go into the house and see that a homeless couple is doing laundry in our machine. I tell them they need to head out and joke that otherwise I might have to kill them. The man says, no he will kill me–doesn’t seem so jokey. The woman has just had some blood tests at the hospital and I am worried that she needs some medications. I offer to call the hospital and help her out. I end up at the hospital, I think the two of them are around somewhere. I am talking to some doctors and then all the sudden something happens. Maybe I get hit on the head or something, I end up in a hospital bed. But at the same time I (my subtle body) fly off into the future. I am flying along a road in the country, there is tall green grass–i am flying away from the male homeless dude, who is chasing me.

I fly into my future home (several years from now). It is not in the country, it is set close to the street on an in town road. The house is huge. Every room is painted in approximately three bright colors of paint. It looks well done, just bright! I fly and see a boy’s room, my son, I want to know his name. I see he has some Lillian Vernon-esque bedspread with his name on it. It is Nicoolo, or Tuloopi, or something like that. I fly on and see another boy’s room his name is something Ger-ish–can’t remember. The boy rooms seem like for 7/8 year olds. There are so many rooms in the house. A man sees me through the door hinge crack (of an open door) I come down to earth and act normal. I walk out into the hall and go to the courtyard, which is the size of a room in the middle of the house. The man is behind me. I am wearing a hospital shirt, but it is one of the primary color ones for volunteers. There is an older woman and someone else sitting in the small courtyard. (Seems very southern.) The woman has age spots and baggy/saggingish skin, and blond or dyed blond graying hair. I tell her I am looking for Lily (my future self). She say “oh” like she understands, and then looks off and does nothing. I ask again and she says that Lily is mourning the death of her mother (which seems to have happened a while ago). Kevin is at work.

The homeless man is closing in on me again. I turn around and fly out of the house. I look for a girl’s room–I see it, a room with a hot pink and red flowered bedspread, seems like the room of a 5/6 year old. I am relieved that I have a girl and not just two boys. As I am heading out of the house, at the front door, the homeless man is there. I say this is it and I leave, reentering my body at the hospital. They are relieved I have woken up, they think maybe I have had a mini-stroke or something.

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Getting closer the swallows, and figuring out how to shoot them, they move so fast, especially compared to my usual subjects. When I was out at Lake MacBride visiting the swallows, I found all these beautiful feathers on the ground. There were many more that were not as nice. I didn’t get a look at the birds living nearby, and have no idea what species they come from. But perhaps if I find enough they will be in the next set of Fly Awake souvenirs.
Here is one of the souvenirs from my last show. An old glass slide mount with part of a chest x-ray in it, to hang in the light. Some had turkey feathers and some drawings of an ear (with “wake up” instead of “fly awake”). They were free at the reception.

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Some shots of the birdies at my favorite new spot. Click on the pics to see the larger versions.

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