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Video 1

Click picture to see video. It is a touch over 4 minutes long; there are a few seconds of black lead in.

Part of the installation, the video explores how we fly. This is from, at first, an intellectual perspective, looking at flight literally. Even this literal flight, when examined, gives insight regarding the flight of dreamtime. What does it mean to be lighter than air? How do you ride on the flow of air? How does it feel to unite with air compared to earth? How does flight arise from within the human body?

Throughout the world there are numerous traditions that teach meditation techniques. The techniques vary superficially. Fundamental to all is focus and the breath. The breath is one of our autonomic activities, we don’t have to think for it to happen. However, unlike other land mammals, we can govern our breathing. During emotional times shifting the focus to the breath can change your reaction. Without even addressing your emotions you can still them by just addressing the breathing. This ability to change our reactions/perceptions through the breath allows us to fly above daily life.

The ambient soundtrack consists of hemisync tracks (brainwave entrainment music designed to facilitate meditation and lucid dreaming) as well as other soothing music and noises. While the visual component is 4 minutes long, the soundtrack is 12 minutes long. Only the middle portion plays during the video segment linked.


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1. I am running through a building. I am helping kevin and a woman to do some experiment, or create something chemically. I have visualized it many times, how it will work. It involves a chemistry lab and 3 sugar cubes. We are working against time, being chased. The other lady runs into the Chem lab, kevin is watching from the adjacent kitchen, I run into the chem lab, too. It’s dim, I see 5 sugar cubes spilled on the floor. We’re about to get started. The people catch up to us, the other lady and I are surrounded. I am surprised that things didn’t go as I planned. I run out through the other door (not the kitchen door) into the hall. They are in the hall too. I decide that I can just fly and that will make things simpler. I fly up. It is an easy float. I am very close to a burlyman, he reaches up to grab my ankle, I am not sure if he will reach it.

2. I am in a library-like hallway. I fly into a domed room, several stories up, past many stairs winding around the circular, almost tower-like area. It is a place I have been before, maybe earlier in the night, in another dream. I love it up there in the top. There are auditorium seats around the empty middle that looks down all those stories. I go away and then come back again. Kevin is sitting next to me this time. A man on my other side asks me to look in his face. I do but it is all blurry. I am confused by this, I ask the man about it. He says it is because of the the place I have come to (the observatory tower).

3. I am at a party with some ladies. Reminds me of teenage/college ages. My friend is totally loaded. We are at her huge mansion. She is a little snotty, but I don’t know most of the people there that well, I’m closest to her. We are hanging out together alone. Then I fly down the very wide hall to where everyone is, and we’ll be watching movies. The building seems more like a homey mall, than a mansion. Her father owns a movie theater, which may just be part of the house. We are picking out dvd’s to watch. She has every single movie that is out, and there are pictures indicating movies which she will soon have that aren’t out yet. I kind of wonder why she has all the movies on dvd if her father own’s the movie theater. It seems unnecessary.

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Hickory Hill

Last night I went to Hickory Hill with Kevin. It was right before sunset, so there were plenty of lovely swallows flying about, snacking on little bugs. Also we saw a hawk. So amazing how beautiful the different flight styles are, yet so different.

I am also very excited because I received my new digital SLR in the mail yesterday. Looking forward to shooting.

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