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The last month or so the crows have been in town, full force. Sometimes I will see a hawk and then think, no probably just a crow. I began to wonder about why I hadn’t seen hawks around as much. Also I’ve been going through a time of much dream fertility and magic and not so much during the waking dream. So, I’ve been trying to transfer a little bit of the dream magic into the waking dream…things seem to be lifting off the ground a bit.
About a week ago I pulled up to our house and saw a broad-winged hawk following a crow. They were quite low so I was able to see them well. It was pretty cool, because they were the same size and their wings were flapping at the same rate and in a very similar way. Due to the lighting they both looked very dark, but on closer inspection I could see some light feather and pattern on the underside of the broad-winged. The broad-winged continued to chase the crow for another block until the crow looped around and chased the hawk off.
Then, the other day I was out walking with Kevin and he was telling me how he felt a little “sour milk” the night before. I of course responded that he was the sour milk. Then I began to think about how someday I will have kids who will probably give me shit like that, telling me I am the poop, or something along those lines. And I would have to recognize that my true self is not different from the poop’s true nature, etc. As this inner dialog went on, and I acknowledged my non-separateness from things, I felt my consciousness expand to the area around us. I identified with the energy that was the unity between me and all that I could see. I looked around for some kind of magic (as if that wasn’t enough)–like a bird. I didn’t see anything for a while, but then I felt I didn’t need to and that it was very nice to feel again this connectedness. Then I saw a bird that at first looked like a crow. As it began to circle low I realized it was another broad-winged hawk. I walked over so that I was below it and said my hello. It circled for a while and then flew off slowly to chase some little brown birds.
Lately I have seen quite a few interspecies bird encounters. I’ve been thinking about how different the dynamics of battle and hunting and investigation are in the air. Even sharper maneuvers are still tied to the air and its laws. It would be interesting to see some very fast falcon action in person to see how that feels. But for now I am just musing about the different “in the air” life. Also been thinking about the lightness of birds. Humans and earth bound creatures are so heavy and birds must be so light. Been thinking about illness and transformation, either by absorbing qualities or habits of an animal. Like how feeling like you’re walking a tightrope, or teetering on the edge of a cliff is not so great as a human, but if you’re a bird, it is the perfect place for lift-off. Or how osteoporosis bones could be instead thought of as bird bones.
>>>Obviously the coloring is dramatically different in the pics, but somehow not so dramatic in real life. They are about the same size and you can see from the pics they even have that same feather finger thing going on. Broad-winged hawk pic from here. Crow pic from here. Click post title to hear a broad-winged hawk, very exciting.
>>>Call out for a better Ted Andrews site. Right now I am linking to this one, anyone know of a better place to get info on the magic man?


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Water Eagle 2

I am at the corporate headquarters for Hills Bank, in Hills, Iowa. Except for it is not the Hills Bank in Hills, it is the super crazy corporate HQ. It is on very beautiful land, it’s fall. I am walking around in my white dream dress with my camera. I walk by a group of people talking. It is a couple people who work there (official) and 4-5 hopeful would-be employees. The official people are saying lots of inappropriate stuff, very derogatory and degrading towards women. The applicants are smiling, laughing and nodding, whatever it takes to make them seem cool to these people. I walk by and say something about how they are assholes. I keep walking and they call me names for a while. (what did I expect?)
The land is gorgeous, very tall trees with very little foliage left on them. The sky is the sky to a certain height and then it becomes a clean clear pool of water. A bald eagle is flying through the water. I want to take a picture, but my camera can’t focus on it, and it is far away. I’m very happy to have seen the eagle in the water.

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Kettle of Solitaires

Dream: We (a couple of us) are in a valley about to perform a ritual. One aspect involves a problem with a hot air balloon, we are going to bring it down by heating up all the sky around it. Kevin is not involved with the ritual, but I need his help. He is supposed to manifest some birds. I am not sure if he will be able to. Then I look up the hill and see he has. His arms are directed upwards swirling a kettle of, perhaps, 100’s of sharp-shinned hawks. However, instead of swirling around in the heat pocket as a unit, the birds each spin around themselves within the group. I am satisfied that we can begin.

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Cold Water

So, I knew there was a reason that I posted last night’s dream (Water Canyon). Today I went to a creek behind my favorite tree in Hickory Hill to shoot for my bald eagle dream. The water there is pretty clear compared to the other water ways here. I got in and nearly fell over, not due to the current, but the cold. So cold! Should have gone last week when it was 80F! And the water instantly muddied up around my feet. So I will have to find me a rocky stream somewhere warmer and try that. I cannot imagine polar bear swims. Ye-gads!

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Water Canyon

Dream: I am in a big building, it is full of art galleries and I am looking for a good place to show my art. I see a room with a stage that looks good, but I have already shown there. A disabled lady gets off the elevator and I am asked to show her around. This isn’t my place so I am a little surprised, but I am happy to do as requested.
I am outside behind the huge building. There is a very large canyon, dry and empty. I am a little sad looking at it. A lady is standing behind me. Night falls and the canyon fills with water. Now I am excited and I begin to take pictures. I wonder if the picture taking would be better from in the water. I get in up to my thighs. I am almost swept over by the current. I drop the washcloth I am photographing into the water. It unfolds and I see that it wasn’t patterned all over, just the parts I could see before it unfolded. The water is a little dirty, with some dry grass here and there. I look out and see that though the 20 foot deep canyon had seemed full before, the water is still rising.

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Black Butterflies

I’m looking at the sky, hoping to see some eagles. I see two Turkey Vultures. They look like dark butterflies with patches of dark stained glass. I squint to see if that is what it really is–it is. They are flying with six hawks. Actually they appear to be holding them up (energetically).

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