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India, pt 1–BIRDS

I just got back from India, still a bit jet-lagged, but I wanted to start writing about some of my experiences. Bird info to start off.

On the way to the airport:
As we were starting out on our drive from Iowa City to the Des Moines airport (about a 2 hour drive), just before we get on the interstate, I thought to myself how nice it would be see one cool bird, and how that would be a good sign about the trip. Well, we ended up seeing 25 hawks–almost all sitting in trees looking out along the highway, an owl (this is mid morning, also sitting in a tree, but looking away from the road), and 5 bald eagles–two were sitting in trees, but then as we got close to the airport we saw 3 flying (a pair of juveniles and 1 flying off in the distance). I have never seen so many birds so close-up in such a short period of time–needless to say, I was very excited, and took it as a good sign!

After we got done doing our flying (at least 20 hours of interminable night on the way there) we road in a bus to Nikora (very small town on the Narmada river). All along the way we saw many, many white cranes, which are just beautiful, very pristine in contrast to the dusty, organic scenery.

When we got to Nikora the cranes disappeared and instead there were many crows and magpies. One magpie flew so close to my head that I could feel it–they definitely weren’t shy. And, last but not least…swallows! Where there is water, bugs, a cliff and heat there will be swallows. With the huge river (bigger than the Mississippi at its low point) and a global warming winter–80’s and 90’s–they were plentiful. I actually thought I was seeing the male and female of one type of swallow, but I later found out that there were actually two types of swallows, a nice long forked tail and a more standard shorter tail. (I do have some pictures of the swallows, which will find themselves up on the blog in a week or so, when my new computer comes to town and I can upload pics again. Very much looking forward to that!)

With the birds alone I was pretty much in heaven–and that was just the tip of the iceberg.


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Mother Earth

1. I am in sitting in the woods at night with Yandariel, Courtney and Daniela as the four corners. We are holding candles and speaking with the earth. I want to offer something to the earth–to heal or help purify, I feel sad for what is happening with our environment. I touch the earth and I see that the earth is fine. The changes in the environment are threatening our ability to live here but from the earth’s perspective things are different. What is happening isn’t personal (the weather changes, storms, etc). It is just the natural law of cause and effect unfolding. The earth stays the same, continues emanating love and support, unconditionally. The earth is fine, it is we that are in danger from our actions, but She continues sending love without change. I feel grounded, comforted and stable.
2. (Next Day) I have just finished my mantras and am sitting cross-legged thinking about and connecting to the earth. Medium brown colored energy flows from my waist down to my feet. I see that my legs are deer legs, brown and spotted. I feel the rest of my body has transformed. My deer arms are in front of me, deer neck slightly bent forward, and antlers. The antlers are weightless, I am weightless, just a quiet deer of light. I feel blessed and very grateful.

So how can we help the earth that is fine? Connect to the earth every day. Live each day with white light and love!
Now, off to India for a couple weeks.

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Well, in efforts to reduce gas dependence and save some cash, we sold our car–on the first cold day in November! After a month of 60’s that should have been 20’s, walking around in the windy teens was quite a shock. It’s gotten a little more mild, and I’m a little tougher and now I am really enjoying myself. I have seen many more hawks and eagles. Particularly while walking downtown, which seems kind of odd to me. But I did see a sharp-shinned hawk and a really big something-or-other hawk (getting pretty good, huh?), actually, I am thinking a red-shouldered. It seems the bird books are a little off as to when birds should be present due to climate changes, so it is a little confusing, but I feel I am getting better at picking out the key feature more quickly. My favorite sitings: bald eagle pairs (I’ve seen two).
I was going to attribute all this to the increase in walking, but today I was out in my friend’s bio-diesel mobile and drove through this really lovely cloud of birds and complementary cloud of bird shadows. It was very magical–I could feel the lightness and dancing quality of the group. So now I think I will give the credit to my attempts to switch the magic from my dreams to waking life. The ol’ waking dream has definitly improved, it’s gotten easier and more enjoyable to do just about everything…except dreaming. The dreams are all weird and lame and dark.
Now I will see if I can have magic in dreamland AND waking life, or if there is only so much to go around. 🙂

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Love Haiku for the Geese

Geese crossing Goosetown,
I hear your honking at night–
My love flies up to meet you.


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