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Lots of nightmares this week (hot and sick), but still managed to get some flying in.
Dream: Vampires are starting to take over the town. I go to a gas station. Things are getting out of control. My friend, a black dude, grabs me around my waist and we fly up to a roof top. It is the only safe place in town, top of a hotel or something. Many people are camped out there, using corners for bathrooms and engaging in other desperate activities for days. People keep looking around the edges to see what the status is. I consider this behavior inappropriately risky. At one point we decide to go down and look at what is happening. This is ill advised. We find that pretty much everyone is vampires now. We go to a house party and find that there is a vamp free-for-all going on and decide we need to get out pronto. It is feeling very dangerous, as it is no secret we are some of the only non-vamps around. Wake up at the last minute, my mouth wide open about as wide as possible, extremely cottony, having trouble breathing and very overheated.


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Bits and Pieces

Some bird dreams from this week:
1. I see a bird that I can’t identify very well. It is an eagle with a white tale but a brown head, I don’t know if that makes it a juvenile or what. Later I see a vulture eating out of a large carcase. Dipping its head deep inside the body.
2. I see a golden eagle and put out my arm to offer it a perch and hope it takes it. I very much think I am awake and am embarrassed and nervous because I am in the center of town and there are people all around me. I don’t want to seem silly reaching out for the bird because I don’t think there is much hope that it will land on my arm.

About an hour later: Just looking through bird books at the library and happened upon the Sea Eagle, aka White-Tailed Eagle, mostly of Scotland these days. Has a white tale and head that is brown/tan.
See beautiful pictures here. Apparently the white-tailed eagle forms a species pair with bald eagle (wikipedia) meaning that they can’t be distinguished morphologically. Another interesting thing is that while the goldens and the baldies and white-tails all have a 6-8 foot wingspan, the goldens weigh only about 3.5 lbs, whereas the sea eagles weigh closer to 9 lbs. Hmmm…
Have a hot lead on some bald eagle nests further on down the Iowa River–eager to see the massive nests that I have read about.

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Walking and Watching

Walking to work yesterday and saw a beautiful hawk yesterday on my way to work. I had been thinking about bussing it, but after I saw the hawk I didn’t want to miss any other possible sitings. It was all white underneath and when it landed I saw that he had a bright rusty colored spot on his tail. I assume it was the winter morph of the red-tailed hawk, but I have yet to find a good pic to back that up.
When I was out shooting the bald eagles I didn’t even really think about how amazing it was to see so many of them. I had visited that spot last winter and been so pleased just to see one juvenile baldie. I think I saw about a dozen but the most I saw at one time was 5 above me and two or three in a tree. I guess a dozen is probably a generous estimate, but still quite a few birdies. Bald eagles seem much less solitary than hawks. I don’t recall seeing any groupings of hawks (except for mass migrations), but I often see bald eagles flying together, crossing back and forth, or sitting together in trees. That day there was one that sat in a tree for most of the time I was there and then three others gradually joined them. I got to see some fishing too! As much as I don’t like to see anyone hurt, it would be exciting to see a hawk or eagle take down another bird. With birds it’s the cycle of life whereas often with humans it is gluttony or sport. A couple years ago I saw a hawk eating a squirrel and when I drove by the hawk just looked at me for so long. Later I drove back and he was still working on it and again just stared and stared.
Lately I have been using mantras mentally when I see animals or am out looking for them. They tend to come closer and to not be as disturbed by my presense.

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Bald Eagle Pics

Went out to shoot bald eagles today on the Iowa River. Ended up seeing about a dozen over a half hour or so. Was very excited. Here are some of the pics I liked:

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Red/Purple Bird Lake

Dream: I drag Kevin to something like an annual therapy checkup. He’s very uninterested and snoozes while he waits his turn, (and maybe he’ll sleep longer than that). My therapist is a 30’s-ish lady with straight brown hair tied in a low ponytail, she is wearing a wool skirt suit that looks like something my mother would have worn in the early 80’s. She says: ‘So, are any of these issues you are having showing up in your dreams?’ I assume she is talking about my mother and other people I am trying to move away from (and that I am awake). I say no and she says something to the effect of ‘well then, fuck it’.
On the beach of Lake Michigan with many people I don’t know, mostly, if not all, women. The light is twilighty although I associate the time with night. The water is perfectly clear and without ripples. As far as I can see there are thousands of brightly colored birds sitting closely together, mostly small to medium in size, and red and purple in color. They all stand on the sand, that is rippled, fully beneath the water. They all are looking at me gently.
A purple and red parrot flies up and sits on the arm of the woman sitting next to me–she is taller than me with long curly brown hair. I mentally plead to the parrot: ‘please, please, please come sit on my arm.’ The parrot does and I am very excited. After a bit he makes his way down my arm and chews on my glasses. When he starts to lick the corner of my eye I try not to worry about the chlamydia they sometimes carry in their mouths. Fairly quickly I decide that, while it’s been nice, the time is up for arm sitting interaction. He leaves and I get up.
A mentally challenged lady, her caretaker and another lady are sitting behind me. The challenged lady is having a spell, they are trying to decide whether to call an ambulance or not. I go over to help her, pleased that I can do something to prevent a 911 call, unlike at the movie theater (waking time event). I guide her to the ground on her side. Explaining that I know what to do. She finishes shaking for the most part and sits up. She is still having a bit of a spell, I ask her to breath slowly and she immediately calms down. Seems like a pseudo-seizure to me, and when she tells me her last spell was a ‘nightmare dream’ I am convinced. The caretaker is thankful and I get up and walk towards a door that is adjoining the beach.
I go through the door, down a short hall and go into a doctor’s office. I get up on the exam table to rest for a little while. A little later I am sitting on chair in the same room. Someone comes in a shows me an uncapped needle that was sitting out (major no-no) and asks me if I left it out. I assume it was me and start to feel bad about it. Then I remember that I was the one who got my blood drawn and it therefore it was not my responsibility.

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India: Flying Awake

Dream (from before India): Am at a retreat with Ma. I sit down but don’t have a clear line of view of Her. At the moment that I think about this and how I want to see Her, She moves a little to Her left and motions for the person in front of me to move to the side a bit. Now I am able to see and I feel a wave of energy come over me from Ma. She then gets up to go into another room.

So in the dream life my interactions with Ma (and in general) tend to go smoothly, however in waking I am much more shy and nervous. During the India trip I was sitting, and not having a clear view of Ma, as pujas were going on. I thought I would try a little experiment and go ahead and desire to see Her, and lean forward a bit to get a better view. People seemed to shift a bit and then I was able to see Her and felt the same type of energy wave as in the dream. A little lucidity in the waking dream. Sadaguru deva ki jai!

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Perch on my arm, please

Out walking downtown Iowa City last week and three bald eagles circled above my head for a quite a while. They were flying very low, (it was a warm day,) and the light was just right, so I could see the details of their bodies very well. For the first time I was really able to get a sense of just how large they are (wingspans of 6-8ft). I was a little bummed because instead of just not having my camera with me at an exciting time (like normal), I had actually just relieved myself of my camera only moments earlier. Oh, well. Thought about how I hadn’t had a normal bird (i.e. fully functional) ever perch on my arm, just the super sad birds from the pet store whose wings are clipped. I could always get involved with the raptor center, but how nice would it be to make contact with a bird that is totally free and chooses to perch on your arm.

Last night, dream:
In a nature area. A golden eagle with most of his wings ripped off was there. You could see a little bit of bone and some blood on the edge of the remnants of his wings. His eyes were a little crooked and he looked sad but friendly. He was having trouble getting around but he came over and perched on my arm. I liked him a lot, a sweet little brown guy, but clearly it was a more than a little distressing that his wings were ripped off. Then I saw a great photo of one of the bald eagles from last week, that I would have taken.

So, I have decided to revise my view on possible future regarding birds perching on my arm. It is totally possible that in my life I will be blessed to have a fully functional, big, beautiful, magnificent bird perch on my arm. But in the mean time, maybe I will get in touch with a raptor center. I am sure the injured birds could use some love.

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