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Already There

Dream: I arrive in Portland, at my brother’s house. I go in and sit next to him on the couch for a bit. He is a little bit frowny, but that’s not unusual. I go peek out the window across from us. It is an awesome view (mostly of nature). I go outside and across the street, behind the houses, I can see what looks like a newer, good quality grade school. It is really big, it stretches around the curved street, so it looks like it takes up more than a block. I look over to my right and see a very large brown bird, of the yellow feet variety, (golden? junior baldy, or hawk?) stooping to catch something. Then I see him flying up after skimming the river. He has something in his beak, it is dripping–maybe a fish? Only just arrived and already seeing exciting bird action. I go inside. Later Erica takes me around to help me find a job.

So I woke up feeling good about from the dream, but spent the day, not in Portland, but packing the moving van in very rainy, moderately cold, very slushy weather. Not as bad as I thought it would be, overall just very glad to be packing up and shipping out.


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Feather Bundle

Dream: Getting ready to go on a group trip with some people I don’t recognize, particularly lots of guys. I sit down at a picnic table with some other people while we are waiting for our ride (basically, i think we’re going to get on a yellow school bus). On the table there is a bundle of feathers from a small to medium sized bird. They are all pristine and are tied around the bottom. There is a long feather that is curved a bit, reminding me of the tails that point up when sitting. Then there are some other smaller feathers and some down all included. They are gray with some small white stripes. It reminds me a bundle of feathers I found that included feathers of all sizes from a woodpecker (gray with more stripes), this feather bundle I found was not tied but connected from coming out of the bird at the same spot.
I ask the leader about the feathers. He is a middle aged man with a large pot belly, he is dressed in a plain light blue tee-shirt and looks a little on the dumpy side. He says that they appeared to this other guy on the trip, he says it all kind of flat, “not someone you really think would be a bird person”. The guy is a little strange and rough around the edges. It’s curious why he left them on the table.

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Finally got to see a bald eagle nest. A mature and juvenile where hanging out nearby. They each gave me the eye when I got a little too close.
Next we begin our journey cross country to Portland, OR, where we will build a new nest.

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Going Home

Waking Dream: I get out of work late at night, and call for a cab. I call about a dozen times before I get through. Then instead of telling me the usual “it’ll be about 5-10 minutes” they tell me to go inside and stay warm and they’ll give me a call. I start to think about how I don’t want to wait forever in the cold–going inside not being an option. Then I remember to imagine what I want to happen, instead of how crappy it’s going to be. I imagine a cab zipping up to get me and then instantly zipping up to my house to drop me off. About 2 minutes later a cab pulls up and drives me home fast enough to do justice to the profession.

Dream: Nighttime, just getting done with some kind of get together near the UI Credit Union and gearing up to go home. I raise up off the ground to fly home, but I am not focusing and so drop my computer and cell phone. I go back to the ground to pick the stuff up. The cell phone battery falls off and breaks in half. Hopefully the computer is okay. I raise up off the ground again, more carefully, and fly home quickly in a standing position. I am thrilled that I can finally levitate and fly in a standing position while awake. (Although somehow it seems like I’ve done it before.) I fly really fast and try to land slowly, I want to come down through the edges of a big beautiful leafy tree–it looks awesome under the orange streetlight–so I can enjoy it a little more. I end up coming down a little fast, landing in a crouch.
I cross the back yard and go into the front room, which is open to the outside on two sides. All of our hang out and computer stuff is there on the table. There are some other people there. They leave and I put the computer on the table. I wonder that nothing has been stolen from the area since it is wide open, but apparently it’s been fine so far. I go inside.

We are all constantly manifesting our realities. I was reading some awesome stuff on dreams here, and am very intrigued with the idea of having the dream self analyze the waking dream. There was also a lot of talk there about asking specific questions of the dream space. I really enjoy just going and receiving whatever experience that happens, or using the dream space to work out something that is sticky in the waking world. But, perhaps experimenting with questioning/being directed would be helpful.

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Kitty vs the Birds

Fox showed up again last night. Watched Grizzly Man, not too captivated by the bears, but there was lots of awesome footage of fox families in action. Super cute.

Dream: Picking up freshly killed birds from the lawn. There were several, recently killed by Kitty, but they weren’t eaten, just neck bites and limp.

The last couple places I have lived the birds have nested right outside my window (on the fire escape, on the air conditioning unit). I miss them. Now, living with Ka-Ka-Kitty and having bird carcasses in the yard (many) not seeing as many birds nearby–smart birds. Since the dream I have noticed a little more bird activity in the yard.

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Fox and Eagle

Dream: As I was waking up flash on a scene of a bright red fox in a grassy clearing, looking at me.
It’s been a while since I have had a visit from fox.

Later in the morning bald eagle showed up on the dreamscape.
If you ever want to see bald eagles, come to Iowa City.

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Lucid Nightmare

Dream: I was out for 3 hours and 90 minutes (or maybe it was 2 hours and 20 minutes) but I lost 3 years.
They dressed me up like a gay dude to serve them, (as in wait tables), with another guy. Actually am a guy in a black suit when they do it. They leave me in a room, the other server leaves and a man tells me they will only give me what I can handle. They aren’t referring to waiting on them, but something much worse (torture and certain death). I am left in a room to change, I figure out their scheme and fly/slip out through a window that’s only open a crack.
I fly out into the night sky and across the town. They are on my tail, but never get a hold of my ankles. I quickly defeat each of their men. They chase me one at a time, each picking up where the other left off. Each of them has some sort of super power. At one point I stand across from one of them with my arms akimbo and then proceed to defeat him. One guy looks gray and transparent like a shadow, he walks/runs on the ground, his knees are bent, so that he is vertical from feet to knees, and parallel to the ground from the knees up. This seems close to flying, but not nearly as cool.
I fly into a factory/industrial building, through a variety of white painted rooms with the current guy who’s chasing me close behind. I fly through many other scenarios and escape narrowly through windows and around edges. The chase seems do go on forever. I fly in all different ways that I would need to. I am a little surprised that it is easy for me to speed up when I need to. I don’t want things to be like this, I manifest a better situation. I fly up upon some carnis getting ready to head out of town, there are three large trucks covered with circus advertising. I am a little surprised that this is what came out of my desire for more fun, but it seems interesting enough and maybe I can quickly slip into one of their caravans.
I am too late, or rather they are too close behind me. I have to keep flying. The night is pleasant and the sky the nice color of blue that happens when the moon lights it up. I decide I need to manifest something calmer, where these guys don’t exist. I want to sit on the beach of Lake Michigan. Just as this is coming on the horizon (of possibility, or visibility?) I wake up.

Wake up overheated, though happy that I flew steadily in many different ways and that I was lucid. Too bad it couldn’t have been in a better situation.

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