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Last night I had two dreams where I realized I was dreaming and was able to change the dream, however with both I was so sucked into the dream that instead of detaching and using the dreamtime I fiddled around with the dream.

Dream 1: In high school, I have somehow offended my teachers, all but one, for over-thinking the questions. Feeling very persecuted and start to lift off to fly away out of fear. Then I realize I am sleeping and go back down to the floor and looking out of the corner of my eye at them, I mentally suggest that they do indeed like me. Right away (which surprises me) they start treating me favorably.
Dream 2: Don’t remember too much. I get excited when I see two adults dressed up like juvenile eagles and flying a little (just barely off the ground, briefly). I take detailed notes on their costumes, they are wearing loose leggings that are dark gray-brown, with a subtle diamond pattern. On top, it could easily be a baggy sweat shirt of the same color with hoods up and very large (proportionate to their human size) feathers all over. The feathers are supersized down, these are eagle chicks. They were putting some stuff in large bags.
I have to be somewhere I’m not supposed to be in order to observe (up close, only a couple feet away–they don’t care about me being there/acknowledge me,) I get in trouble for trespassing by some people. They start to attack me, I realize I am dreaming and proceed to butcher these people who are in my way.

Trying to be less judgmental about what I do in dreams, you know…with the butchering, for example. These things are metaphors after all! Hopefully next time I will be aware enough to put myself to sleep and find out what I was doing when I did the butchering! Similarly to these dreams, when I am awake and realize that I manifesting my world, for example by being afraid, rather than sending out positive energy. Sometimes I am present enough to change the mental pattern to be more positive, and sometimes I am stuck in the mental rut, but either way I am still caught up in the dream. Instead I could try just letting go of the whole situation and meditating for a bit to really wake up. There’s an idea!


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