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I have been calling out to deer lately, and here is what I got in response.

A. Saw a group of dear in a clearing in the woods at night. Very green and lush, the deer are calm, some are looking over at me.
B. I see a bunch of little metal (maybe pewter) deer heads. They are loose representations of deer head, they are small (about the size of a quarter) and not too detailed. They all look the same. The deer’s ears are: one pointed up and one pointed off to the side. I am sifting through them with someone else I can’t see. He picks one up as he repeats: “That’s the way of the deer”, “Oh, yeah, that’s the way of the deer”.

The deer ears remind me of drawings of owl’s cones of hearing. Deer’s ears are flexible so she can achieve a similar effect. Owl is a frequent visitor lately. Both owl and deer live in the night and use their hearing to guide them. I took the message to be a clarification of owl’s message: listen to different perspectives, listen to information coming on different frequencies, pay attention to sound.

Talked to Paul Levy and he was saying that flying in the dream is a gateway to lucid dreaming. In other words, it is pretty obvious that you are not awake when you find yourself dreaming, and so you can begin to dream your dream instead of being dreamed. I think this is true, however I also think of the dream flight as a way to learn about the tendencies of your subtle self. There are many ways to fly in a dream and they give an indication as to how you are reacting to events in life. Are you staying centered, or are you flying away from a situation that you don’t want to deal with? Are you bogged down in the muck, or are you able to lift off/transcend?

Got a few leads for the dream world from Paul that I look forward to exploring. More news later.


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