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I’ve been working on story boards for “Fly Awake”. These are still in formation but looks like water color sketches related to bird visitation dreams. The different ways, for example, that eagle has offered support and guidance. There was a little of that in the original installation, along with the notebook part. I have also starting going back into the notebook area, putting together a new version from my writing and thoughts about flying/lucidity. It’s nice to go back into this part of the show, which I’ve been neglecting for a while. It is really helping me synthesize all messages.

The other day I was reading Vaishali from vol 25/no 4 of Dream Network. She wrote about becoming lucid and asking dream characters questions. She found that the characters weren’t very forthcoming with information. With a little help from some fellow dreamers she found that unconditionally loving the dream characters opened the doorways to communication.
It can be a challenge not to judge the images and ideas that come up in dreams. But they are all parts of ourselves, and if we alienate them, they may do the same to us. It was pretty exciting to get this information. Sometimes hearing things expressed in a new way really solidifies things.

I also saw a new thing in flight. Two crows were on a telephone wire. Instead of pushing off the wire and flapping wings, one leaned off at an angle, falling forward, then opening his wings to be caught by the wind.


1. I am looking for something rather clandestine. Going through a big old building with high ceilings. I enter into the spanish history room of the library and feel like a rocket. The room has shelves of old books, from floor to ceiling, great natural light from big windows and a ladder that rolls along the shelves. I feel like a rocket but am low and slow enough to read the shelves. I feel the crown of my head very strongly and information coming through from the lineage. I am very excited and grateful to have found the room. I bow down again and again to the lineage for their help in the dreamworld.

2. A man and a woman living in 2010 or 2020. She is from 2050, so it could be then. The man is from the past, he came to the future to find the woman. They are together, but not yet. They are in separate rooms. He is looking for something.
Later they are preparing to go back to 1950 (his time). My aunt is trying to get me to take all this children’s furniture, more than I’ve taken already. Her kids are around her (how I remember them–as children–not how they are, adults). She acts like my mother, very bossy, telling me what to do about everything.
They arrive in 1950. There is more natural land and open space, things are less overbuilt than she’s used to. She’s so very happy. She can expand much more in the relaxed environment. I think about how her reaction makes sense, considering the difference in feeling between the two time zones.
We are walking down the sidewalk together. I lift off and fly, I am golden eagle. He is a little behind me, on my left, and a little lower, he is a streak of shining white light–.

3. (two nights) See deer, just looking at me, in nature, briefly.


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