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Plane Wing


Hanging out with three friends. One is an herbalist, one is Martin Crane from Frasier. We get on an airplane wing, sitting two-by-two, take liquid pharmaceuticals and then ride into the evening. I keep my left leg from dangling by putting it up by the herbalist. The first time I have my shoes on and he can handle it. The second time, I have by socks off and he can’t take it–he really doesn’t like bacteria. This is quite a surprise, he seems like such an earthy guy. We all talk a lot. Later we’re in a living room and I ask Martin when he became afraid of water, meaning dreams. He’s behind a bookcase grabbing something and he doesn’t hear. Still, I like talking about dreams.

Wake: So, I am taking an herb class with 2 others and the teacher. I like it very much. Before bed, I asked brown bear and seed crystal where I should best direct my energy. Then I find myself with the herb group :). When I woke up Kevin said that I had been having an in depth conversation in my sleep–but he couldn’t remember the details. I wonder about what makes dreams different that one ends up talking out loud, and clearly or unclearly.


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Three Bears

I added hematite to my mirror bubble, with my mind and on my wrist, and that seems to be helping with the nightmare issue, just can’t seem to part with the super cozy winter blankets yet.

The first nightmare free night, I spent the whole night on only a couple dreams, that I went in and out of. The dreams dealt with some of the issues in the nightmares, clearing that stuff up. Felt way more invigorated in the a.m.. Been reading “Master of Lucid Dreaming”, quite intriguing, more news later on that. Then last night…

Dream: Driving down Lower Muscatine Road in Iowa City. I see 2 bears eating trash out of cans at the intersection near the 50’s McDonald’s. They look at me and I look at them. I am driving a van, and slow down to be able to look longer, (“There’s my bears”, I think). They seem like they are going to come after me, so I speed up. This scene repeats twice. The third time, there are three bears. They each have very different faces, which kind of surprises me.

Still trying to figure out this bear energy. But the last time I was this confused it was with the deer and that came out great.

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Dream: Working at a law office. It’s huge, everyone is corrupt to some extent. At some point everything starts falling apart. People start killing people (in the office, which is a several story high building), in order to eliminate the corrupt and/or unfavorable elements at the office. I try to avoid the heat of the action. I’m not really one of the people they are going for, right? I run through buildings trying to avoid the line of fire. People have super powers, at one point, early on, I am talking to a man checking people into something, an event maybe. He is sitting behind a card table and has a lot of lipstick on, way more than would be appropriate for a woman, and very shiny. He looks strange in other ways, it is all part of his persona (as a super power). A man comes up, he used to be a nobody, but he got superpower and now he is a ninja. The lipstick man acknowledges my realization of this transformation and is duly impressed by it. Now he wears a shiny black jacket that has emblems of his ninja skills on it, and walks with confidence.
Later I am outside–things are getting more violent–I go over to a building. The people with me are being shot at. I duck behind various things trying to avoid death or injury. I manage to get pretty far away–actually just around the corner (in a room that is large and pale pinkish orange), but then as I almost got through a door I woke up one of the three infants belonging to the Asian lady who was also sleeping. They looked like the children of both her and the ninja. Hmmm. She woke up and started coming after me with a night stick. I go into the stairwell, flying down the stairs and just making it outside (and safe, she doesn’t come outside). Then I am flying across the land (greenscape). I am flying breast stroke style–having to work a little to move forward quickly. A lady from the same office flies with me for a little while and then we part ways–we are both going to find our super powers, but she has to go home to Iowa to find hers, I believe she has a collection of bugs (dead in a case) with her.
There is a stream of people moving through the air coming up on my right. I enter/am sucked into the stream. We end up in a large building with rooms full of many beds–like an old hospital. The information is given that we will lay down to sleep and three instruments of death will be put on our bed (different for different people) and they will either dissolve and we will wake up, or not and we will die. There is a sign saying that this will not take any actual time, because we are in the land of the dead and time does not pass here as it does where we are from. Right before I am going to lay down I wake up.

As an aside, I am repeatedly getting the message that bear is coming into my life. How is bear coming? I have no idea. Bear is associated with herbs and midwifery, and that’s about all I know right now. Also was very happy to see a bald eagle circling above Portland, as I was a little worried I had given up bald eagles moving to the city.

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Kitty vs the Birds

Fox showed up again last night. Watched Grizzly Man, not too captivated by the bears, but there was lots of awesome footage of fox families in action. Super cute.

Dream: Picking up freshly killed birds from the lawn. There were several, recently killed by Kitty, but they weren’t eaten, just neck bites and limp.

The last couple places I have lived the birds have nested right outside my window (on the fire escape, on the air conditioning unit). I miss them. Now, living with Ka-Ka-Kitty and having bird carcasses in the yard (many) not seeing as many birds nearby–smart birds. Since the dream I have noticed a little more bird activity in the yard.

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