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I went to Rhode Island for a retreat and to stay on my friend’s organic farm for a few days. I had a super time with both. I got to see some deer–a mom and kid–very sweet. I hadn’t seen any deer since I got to Portland (not surprisingly). The East coast deer look very different from the Midwestern deer. They have a more reddish coat and more bambi-ish in general. I love them both, but the Eastern ones are cuter! Unfortunately everyone is very afraid of them because of the deer tics that are spreading Lyme disease like it is going out of style.
I saw lots of little animals and birds on the farm. Here is hummingbird for beauty and art, butterfly for transformation and frog for cleansing.






I am in a small space. A human-sized beautiful white swan is right behind me and another person is behind the swan. I turn around to look at the swan. I try to help the swan to lift off and fly by singing the trumpet song. The swan sings a little and stands up a bit. But the swan’s wings are very short, only a foot or so long and she can’t get off the ground. It may also be harder because there is no wind and we are so close together.


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Taking Your Camera Into Dreamtime–an illustrated guidebook, by Moi! How do you take pictures in dreamtime? This little booklet gets you started on doing just that. All about dream recall, lucidity, and having fun at night.


More info about it here.

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I’ve been thinking a lot about the screech owls that live in the carousel, how their quietness is stronger for living in such a cacophony of carnival-goers. Magic at the carnival.


I am on a wide cement path. About 15 feet ahead an owl lands on a cement planter on the left side of the path. I feel energy rush up through my chest. I am so excited! The owls wings follow him down as he lands. He has a rust chest and is otherwise gray. He has ear tufts and that typical scary owl face. I see his face looking at me. He is maybe a foot and half high.

I look back at the path and see the owl take off from a planter on the other side. I realize I was distracted. Again I feel so thrilled, my chest is filled with bubblies. So exciting to see owl.

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I go on a trek looking for Barred Owl. My sister in law has seen one. She tells me there’s one living in the carousel down by Oaks Bottom. She says there are two screech owls 1/4 mile down a trail, in a huge rotted out tree. I don’t know the trail. I go to the carousel but I can’t find Mr. Barred. I don’t see anything in there at all. I think he would be pretty hard to miss. But maybe I’ll check back later. I go and see what excitement might come to me today.

I park my bike by the marsh and it promptly falls over. I leave it there and look at the swallows and herons. I see a red bellied hawk, a vulture and a young eagle. I take my bike and park it by a trail. Maybe I will see this big old tree afterall. I walk the trail and then down to the marsh. I am kind of hidden, it seems like life is closer to me. A young eagle swoops to fish. He flies above me off and on, still carrying his snack. I have a snack. I keep thinking I should check for my cell phone. It’s not there. I think it fell out when my bike fell over. After a while I slowly make my way back to my bike to look for my phone.

I am about to unlock my bike and a lady rides up to me asking if I am Lily. I am. She has my phone. She called my brother and he told her about the owl. She wants to see it. We decide to go back to the carousel. Her boyfriend, Aaron, comes too. When we get there I still can’t see anything. Her boyfriend points out a screech. Here is the screech living in the carousel! The screech flies to the top of the inside. I can barely see, but am so excited. I want to take a picture, but it is way too dark. A carni comes up to us. He takes us behind the locked gate and shows us where the screech 2 is resting. Not 8 feet away. So excited! I get my picture (thank you owl!) and then we have to leave the gated area. We talk for a little while. They are friends of birds and from the midwest, too. What a strange path to take to meet the owl.

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Dream: Pleasant conversation with a cartoon like version of the (crowish) bald eagle from my dream the other night.

I don’t remember the conversation right now, but it seemed jovial enough. The bird was small and squat and had the darkened coloring (dark goldish head) of the crowy eagle when the light first changed enough for me to see more than it’s outline and realize it was not a crow. I am wondering if my drawing and painting of dream birds is the connection here. Also the bird reminds me of Herky the Hawk. I was thinking (again) recently how silly it is that he’s called a hawk when he looks like a bald eagle. At any rate, thanks for the visit!

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I’ve been dreaming but, I haven’t had internet for the last week or so things have been very slow. Yesterday I went on a long walk down at Oaks Bottom, special marshy place. Got to see lots of a awesome bird action. Hawks and an eagle, sitting rather far away, so not sure if it was an immature or a golden. Also saw osprey in their nest and and many many herons, and a wide array of little birdies. I actually went out because my sister in law told me she had seen a screech owl and a barred owl sleeping in the trees there earlier. I wasn’t so lucky in the owl department, but had an awesome time nonetheless.

Dream: (a couple nights ago)
I am inside sitting on the floor cross legged, I am looking out a wide opening in the wall. Reminds me of a Japanese house with the wide doors and big porches. I see a kettle of birds rising. They are in a loose tornado like formation. Mostly there are bald eagles, but I see a sitting swan (representing grace and faith in the future) rising up with them. I look closely and see a eagle that has morphed from a sea gull into what looks more like a white tailed eagle. (There are lots of sea gulls here in Portland.) I watch as the eagle gracefully flaps his wings. As he’s flapping he brings in the tip of his left wing to his beak and blows me a kiss. I am so happy just to see the birds and then very delighted when he gracefully blows me a feather kiss. I try to take some pics of the birds, but fail to get anything. Then later I see two large mountain rams (I think) sitting in an adjacent room looking out at me and a group of people. They are very large and hairy and and a soft rust color. I am sitting right in the doorway and try to take pics but people keep leaning in front of me with their point and shoots and blocking my shots. I ask this lady to give me a little room, and she gets pissed and asks why I should have space. I shy away.

The night before this dream I was doing some tarot and used my eagle feather to help me out and asked eagle for help seeing the bigger picture. I felt the energy strongly and felt that I finally understood a bit more about how to ask for help from the animals. Thank you Eagle!

So while I didn’t get any pics in the dream I did get a few at Oaks Bottom. Here are the Osprey in their nest.

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Finished reading “Master of Lucid Dreams”, turned out to be quite an interesting read, food for thought, etc. Still processing the info. Had a couple dreams featuring owls.

Dream (first night my brother left to hike the top of the Grand Canyon): Running slowly (brother’s style) along the top of the Grand Canyon. It is fairly pinkish, rust colored. I am going along a narrow spot and there is a fence set up to keep the animals in. I look over the edge and see all sorts of animals in plain site placed evenly throughout the landscape. I see a Northern Saw-whet owl sitting on a tree branch. There are many animals, one of each of many species, most just sitting. Off on the other side I see a bit of a deer. Coco goes over the edge down to the bottom. He is still on leash, I pull him up by his leash so he doesn’t get eaten by the shark, who is also hanging somehow. Surprisingly Coco doesn’t seem to be hurt by this method of extraction.

Dreams (Last night):
1.Flying in a sitting position, come to the top of some stairs. I think that I should be able to naturally go down, but I keep wanting to fly straight. I realize that I have to direct the flight quite literally. I say to go down and immediately head downstairs. –In Master of Lucid Dreams, and other shamanic texts, they talk about going to the land of the dead (internally or otherwise) and I was wondering how this is done, i.e. going from meditative state to this other part of the mind–perhaps as easy as just directly directing the energy.

2. Going down a hill, on the sidewalk. I see an owl (couple feet tall), a chicken, and a bald eagle on the roof of a house.
Earlier I saw three chicken owls. These chicken owls are orangish, which circles of radiating orange feathers around their eyes. Otherwise fairly scruffy. They were all standing around doing something–reminded me of inefficient office workers.
So, this chicken (also a chicken-owl) and the owl are being pursued by the bald eagles (there are two now). The c-o and owl come off the roof, I am laying on the sidewalk all curled up (probably how I was sleeping) and the owl lands within a foot or two of me–so large and close and so amazing!!! The chicken is a little away from me (not as smart).
I see the eagles on the roof. Their white heads are so very white, glowing, and the color of their beaks is also very vivid. One has his beak wide open, screeching and ready to kill. He swoops down and catches the chicken owl, taking him up to the roof to eat him with the other baldy.
I start floating a bit and then flying. I instantly become so excited that I can finally fly while I am awake, a moment or two later I begrudgingly admit to myself that I could be sleeping. The eagles are really doing a number on the chicken owl, more like the c-o is going through a shredder, I have to fly through a haze of chicken briefly. Then I keep flying along on my journey.

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