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Hawk vs. Falcon


Kevin has super powers of the hawk variety, he is going to duel with a guy who has super powers of the falcon variety. I don’t know about the super powers part, but I know there might be a fight. I am outside in the yard, it’s nighttime, I go inside through the walkout basement. The house is big and there are people streaming through it. It might be a dorm. It’s somewhere I live but not really my home.

I’m upstairs with my mother. She is going to tell me the story of the jewelry. I go back downstairs to the laundry area. I discover that I’d hidden some stuff in a pair of my jeans. The stuff starts falling out, back into the laundry basket. There are colorful books (children’s level) on hawks. There are also some bobbles.  I try to gather it up without anyone noticing. There are people coming down the stairs and I am facing them, but they don’t seem to notice what I’m doing, or rather, that the stuff is important. The information about the hawks is secret, if the wrong people get it, it could be disastrous. I wonder in what ways a hawk is more powerful than a falcon.

Kevin will end up winning the battle.


I am intrigued by the levels of knowing in the dream. There is the dreamed character and the dreamer who witnesses. I wonder about tapping into these different levels of awareness in dreaming and waking time.


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Baldy Weather


I am passing through a neighborhood that has quite a bit of open space. I see a bald eagle perched in a tree top in someone’s front yard. I start to tell my friend about it, but after I go by a few more houses I stop talking when I see another bald eagle in a tree top. I am so surprised and elated to see the bald eagles again.


It’s baldy weather outside. Chilly, windy, with some flurries. I think I saw a deer in my dreams last night too.

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1. I go back to dance class. I’m really happy to be there and see my old dance teacher and some of the people I used to take class with. The colors are all browns. The only thing that is missing is the jumping, we are not doing any jumping in this class. How I love to jump. I get graded on all different aspects of my current dancing. Everyone else is graded too. I worry that my performance isn’t so good anymore. I get an “A”, “as always, lily” on my performance. I dance some more and am so happy. When people aren’t looking I try and do some of the flying I used to do. I do fly a little. The tricks I used in dream time are working now, while I’m awake! Yeah!!!

2. I go to camp, Joan (my boss) tells me to take the Oregon test. Erica will drive me there, she is taking the other test (the Washington test?). This test-taking is something you are normally supposed to prepare for–oh, well! At camp it turns out that you can stay longer. I do and my home is not a cabin, but a cardboard box–that’s what happens when you stay longer, but it doesn’t matter at all it is beautiful and great. I see another guy who’s stayed longer as well, he walks by me as I lay under my box, cuddled up against the grassy earth, comforted by the amazing blue sky that has just the right amount of clouds. I can’t see the coast from where I’m laying–I’m hours in from the water. When I look from above I can see the island, it is so beautiful, and I can see down to the bottom, how just the green top is shown to us, but how the sides go down to the bottom of the ocean. Birds fly above me–groups of birds–several kinds flying together. They are close, maybe I can identify some of them. I am so happy. I love being in nature again. Everywhere is green and fertile, very pleasant.

Waking, a couple patterns I’ve been noticing:

First of all, since before I took my first yoga class at my new yoga place, I’ve been having a “back to dance class-joy” dream the night before my next class. I did dance for about a dozen years, and have really been missing it lately. All the classes that I’ve been taking at Root Whole Body have a lot of movement in them–vinyasa, nia, and even pilates. Which I didn’t really know ahead of time. I am particularly liking the Nia stuff. Each time I have a dance dream (the night before class) it is very related to what happens in class. In this case the class I took (Vinyasa) was a particularly awesome movement class, alas there was no jumping, and I really felt that. It so could have been dance class, if we had just had some jumping! I am on the lookout for adult dance classes in Portland. Or, the night before I first stopped into Roots to check it out: I dreamt that I went to a yoga class where people were doing yoga-ish dance. It seemed cool and interesting. Then I go to Roots the next day, and they say: “We don’t just have yoga, we also have Nia–it’s kind of a mixture of dance and yoga.” Tee hee.

Secondly, these particular dreams happened the night following a galactic activation portal. Galactic activation portals are an aspect of the Mayan calendar–these are times when it is easier to download information from higher sources, i.e. otherworldly information, psychic connections. I would think that I would have crazier dreams during the actual day, but instead I keep having awesome dreams the night following the portal day. Perhaps this is me synthesizing the information/energy that has come during the g. a. p. day. For more information on this stuff, check out: Planet Art Network.

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I went to Rhode Island for a retreat and to stay on my friend’s organic farm for a few days. I had a super time with both. I got to see some deer–a mom and kid–very sweet. I hadn’t seen any deer since I got to Portland (not surprisingly). The East coast deer look very different from the Midwestern deer. They have a more reddish coat and more bambi-ish in general. I love them both, but the Eastern ones are cuter! Unfortunately everyone is very afraid of them because of the deer tics that are spreading Lyme disease like it is going out of style.
I saw lots of little animals and birds on the farm. Here is hummingbird for beauty and art, butterfly for transformation and frog for cleansing.






I am in a small space. A human-sized beautiful white swan is right behind me and another person is behind the swan. I turn around to look at the swan. I try to help the swan to lift off and fly by singing the trumpet song. The swan sings a little and stands up a bit. But the swan’s wings are very short, only a foot or so long and she can’t get off the ground. It may also be harder because there is no wind and we are so close together.

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A friend of mine (a guy) and his friend (also a guy, but seemingly younger/smaller) tell me about how they’ve found an apartment. They’re staying in a house for five, with four rooms. They sound very excited about it. Really my friend speaks for both of them.

Later, I am away, as in a vacation. I find a place to stay for the night. A little rooming house. I over hear a lady ask the manager: “So, if I decide to stay a minute or two late (meaning 5:07) will I be charged extra?” The manager lady (somewhat begrudgingly) says no. Then she is talking to me and informs me the checkout time is 5. I understand this to mean 4pm, initially I thought it might be am, but that would be strange. I am pretty happy about this information, I hate having to rush early in the morning and carry my belongings with me around town.  I remember my friend Rachel stayed here before, and told me about the late check out time, but left early in the day anyway. I was sad that she left early when we could have hung out longer, but I understood that she had things to do.

The place is nice for a house. I am comfortable.  I am the only one around after being shown to my room. The other lady and the manager have gone. I decide to look around. Furnishings look to have been purchased in the late 70’s, but are well maintained. The furniture may be older, it is nice, but the bed coverings have those colors and materials. Nothing’s gaudy, they weren’t trendy when purchased, just of that era. I like that about the place, I wish more things were maintained instead of pitching and remodeling. Most of the rooms are very small like mine. There are only three bedrooms so far. The rest are common spaces, this is also nice, places to live in, as opposed to just using every scrap of space for renting rooms. Then I find the double room. I peak in. It has a full bed and a smaller mattress on the floor. It looks comfortable but sparse (like the rest of the place), somewhat institutional I guess. Every few moments as I am looking I realize there are people sleeping in the beds. I try to become more aware of this. I realize they are my friends (the guy and his friend). I find this comforting. I quietly back away and go to my room.

The next day I go down to the river for a festival or carnival of some sort. I walk on the boardwalk and see a variety of people. One asks me about Coco, I explain I didn’t want to bring him for this. I see a little chihuahua, I think it might be Chichi. I pick her up and smell her belly. It’s not her. I am a little disappointed.

I lean on the railing and look out over the river. It’s dusky, night is almost full, everything looks black and white. I see a very large owl flying down the river and into some woods that are off to my right in a small island.  It was a barred owl. I see a couple more owls, flying in the same direction. They are not all the same, but one is a barred owl. Then I see one flying towards me and off to my left. This one has a white moon face–barn owl! I had never seen a barn owl before.  I am in shock about how amazing it is to see the owls. They are so beautiful.

I want to take pictures of the owls. When I get out my camera they are gone. An eagle lands on a buoy to fish. I think maybe I’ll take his picture since the owls are gone. He does some funny things with his wings, like try to scratch his back–when he does, his color goes funny, sort of thin/transparent, and he doesn’t seem so real, like maybe he is not an eagle.

As I continue looking at him he is more like a person. He sits more like a man, and looks at me. He has an eagle beak. He is reddish, he has a long beard that goes from blond to red, or red to blond, it is hard to pin down.

He’s on the boardwalk now. As big as a big man, looking like a 6’4″ morbidly obese Native American man.  I ask to take his picture and he doesn’t seem to object, nevertheless he keeps shapeshifting in ugly ways. First he looks like an eagle. Then his beard is back. I have been trying to politely talk with him, despite his attitude being a little off-putting. I tell him that I like his beard. He looks down, as if to say, this is not a beard. I had been trying to figure out if it was a beard or feathers. At that moment, I realize it is made up of very fine peacock-like feathers, very wispy, and  very many.

Then he grabs a person walking by and poses for the camera like they are sloppy drunk people. Then he again looks huge and fat.  He sits in front of me, looking straight at me.  Just as I am about to take the picture, he turns his head over his right shoulder and vomits dark brown–he’s eaten too much. His vomiting makes me so sick that I turn and vomit over the rail. My vomit is light in color. I find this situation strange, as I do not normally get sick to my stomach. I turn back and finally take his picture. Then I think about how we both probably need to brush our teeth.


This dream was very puzzling for me. It brought up some issues I have been thinking about regarding cameras and dreams and cameras and birds. I have a big internal battle between over respecting boundaries and knowing when things are no big deal. Here’s where I am siding for the moment: I think it is really important to take pictures of subtle things (like birds who know you’re watching) only if they seem okay with it, and your heart really wants it. I, on the other hand, have been doing a bit of casual shooting, kind of: ‘oh, I want to shoot owls, but I’ll take you since you’re around’. Not very respectful of the life form that happens to rank not so high at the present time. So that was a good lesson, especially since I have been working on my guide: Taking Your Camera into Dreamtime.

Let’s see, the dream also reminds me of a crappy movie I saw recently (the bed and mattress on the floor) and a particularly unsavory fellow that I ran into at work. I almost became lucid when I puked, as that is apparently even more unlikely than me standing in front of a shapeshifting eagle. Here’s to more lucidity in the future.

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This past weekend I went to Home Depot.  As I walked in I felt a fluttering above my head. I looked up and saw two pigeons had just flown in above me.

There are many pigeons in Portland, as everywhere I guess. I have come to appreciate the pigeons a little more lately. I meditate in this small little room/walk in closet in the attic in the front peak of the house. Directly across the street there is another peak, often I look out of my small window to see a pigeon hanging out on top of the peak, or working on a nest in its overhang. Then the other day I found a pigeon feather below his spot. Sweet little pigeon feather. I hope to learn more about the way of the pigeon soon.

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I’ve been thinking a lot about the screech owls that live in the carousel, how their quietness is stronger for living in such a cacophony of carnival-goers. Magic at the carnival.


I am on a wide cement path. About 15 feet ahead an owl lands on a cement planter on the left side of the path. I feel energy rush up through my chest. I am so excited! The owls wings follow him down as he lands. He has a rust chest and is otherwise gray. He has ear tufts and that typical scary owl face. I see his face looking at me. He is maybe a foot and half high.

I look back at the path and see the owl take off from a planter on the other side. I realize I was distracted. Again I feel so thrilled, my chest is filled with bubblies. So exciting to see owl.

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