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I went to Rhode Island for a retreat and to stay on my friend’s organic farm for a few days. I had a super time with both. I got to see some deer–a mom and kid–very sweet. I hadn’t seen any deer since I got to Portland (not surprisingly). The East coast deer look very different from the Midwestern deer. They have a more reddish coat and more bambi-ish in general. I love them both, but the Eastern ones are cuter! Unfortunately everyone is very afraid of them because of the deer tics that are spreading Lyme disease like it is going out of style.
I saw lots of little animals and birds on the farm. Here is hummingbird for beauty and art, butterfly for transformation and frog for cleansing.






I am in a small space. A human-sized beautiful white swan is right behind me and another person is behind the swan. I turn around to look at the swan. I try to help the swan to lift off and fly by singing the trumpet song. The swan sings a little and stands up a bit. But the swan’s wings are very short, only a foot or so long and she can’t get off the ground. It may also be harder because there is no wind and we are so close together.


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Went to Hitchcock Nature Center for a couple days of birding and camping. We saw lots of hawks, some very close and some VERY far away. I am still getting used to my new D70, I think I got some good stuff, but my computer is practically senile and it takes forever to go through the images, so not done yet.
Also saw about a million butterflies. My thyroid was being a little sluggish for a while. But I’ve been giving it quite a bit of love and it is turning into more of a butterflyroid, and my vision has been filling up with butterflies as it does.

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Lots of butterflies in my life lately. They are so very light, at first I wasn’t sure if they could really navigate very well. But, I stand corrected, having seen some decisive butterfly maneuvers lately.

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