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In some dark building. I look at a bunch of people. They are sitting with their blankets. One is made of two buffalo hides sewn together in the middle to form a rectangle.  This blanket is dirty and there is no energy in it. It is a sad blanket. I am instructed to take it to a powerful place and put the energy back in it. I think this means a place in nature, but once I get outside I am guided up the outside metal staircase, to the roof of a five or six story building. This building is among the trees, it seems like an old hospital or maybe a office or apartment building. This was the building I was just in.  There are people milling about around the building. I sit on the side of the roof opposite the stairs. I hold my hands above the blanket and let the energy fill the blanket. I think that maybe it is so low energy because it was made by killing without respect.

Soon the blanket is full of energy and I have a vision of a buffalo surrounded by vivid green grass. I feel joyful, the buffalo seems joyful. We communicate, in a way where my spirit body communicates but my mind doesn’t really understand. My body moves as this happens. People are walking around on the roof near me–they see what I’m doing, but don’t seem to mind.

I am told this is my gift. (Putting energy in and feeling/communicating.)


It seems the buffalo’s death can be made better by the energy interaction, even so long after his death. It seems like this thing I love so much–communicating through energy with plants, rocks, and animals, can go further than I thought. In my waking time, I am starting to see how my interactions, that help me so much, also give love and help to the beings I communicate with.

This was a perfect dream for Thanksgiving. The buffalo symbolizes manifesting abundance through right action and right prayer. Buffalo is also about gratitude and groundedness. I am learning how setting the right gentle intention for crystal work, plant work, work with relatives, etc can very much change the type of experience you would have. Approach with gentleness and love, receive gentleness and love. Also, expressing thanks for all the abundance that is in my life.  So beautiful, so often!

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. I like everyone joining together to remember what they have to be thankful for. It can also be hard for me as a vegetarian. Seeing all the meat is upsetting. The last couple Thanksgivings I have been to, it seemed like people were having trouble thinking of what they had to be thankful for. Buffalo spirit made me feel that by honoring the food/meat and recognizing all that we have to be thankful for things can be made better–nature can feel the respect due. It is so important to be grateful for the food that we are given.

As we head into the winter the Bison is a symbol of strength, using its large head to push aside snow and eat the green grass underneath. Slowly moving along the easiest path, appreciating the natural flow of an unhurried life.

Thank you to Bison/Buffalo and to my crystal wand that has been helping my sleep and dreams the last few days.


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Crystal Talk


I go to sleep holding my seed crystal in my hand. Luc Bourgault recommends this practice when beginning to work with quartz. He says not to worry if you let go of the crystal, because it instinctively knows where to go to do the work needed. Then clear your crystal in salted water in the morning (see his instructions).

I wake up twice to find the crystal resting on my belly. I want to remember this because I know the crystal is working. I dream I am telling someone about it. She explains that the crystal talks to the area. I tell her it was pointed towards the area that needed help. She says, “Actually, it is pointed away from that area, to take the energy out. It only takes about 10 minutes.”

Throughout the night, my dreams are so much clearer, I feel mixed up with the clear quartz energy. I look forward to continuing sleep work with the crystal. Thank you crystal!

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I go to the herb guy again because he is ready to offer me something. He stands behind a circular bar in a fairly busy room. He is the bartender for this well lit party (the light is golden). He gives me a brown tincture bottle, it is labeled with difficult cursive: “St. d’equinox” (I hear St. John’s d’equinox), and below it says: “making decisions through cocoa”–not chocolate, but the tincture of it. I’m surprised he wrote the name on the label.

He also writes “nice to see you again so soon” on it too, or maybe his lady wrote it for him. I hold the tincture for a bit, then set it down. I realize that it’s energy is super strong. It surprises me–I pick it up again in a double take. Now it appears as a fine mineral formation. It is kind of like a geode in that it is a layer of crystal growing off a layer that is rock-like. But this crystal is very fine compared to geode. It radiates yellow light (I think “spleen”). He smiles, “yeah, this one is not a quiet one.” When he smiles he sparkles like the mineral. I think, “maybe it speaks so loud so people won’t miss it.”

I wake up for a bit, because my bladder is full, but I fall back asleep whilst procrastinating getting out of bed.

I return to the stone, reflecting on it. It explains, “peeing at night is good because the bladder is a night time organ and it is good for it to be full in the night, (now go pee)”.


This dream was very clear and there were about a million associations in it. Most basically, I woke up feeling really freaking awesome and full of lots of love–good medicine had been had. Here’s some of the other stuff.

First, let’s get the bladder out of the way. For the last couple years, I have really been producing lots of pee in the nighttime. So much that sometimes my belly hurts if I don’t get up and pee in the night. I admit I have worried a little about why there is so much more pee at night now than in the past. So perhaps this dream indicates this is not a bad thing at all. Or, if nothing else, I shouldn’t continue worrying about it.

The herb dude and the tincture: A couple nights before this dream, I asked Scott, the herb dude, for something that would help with my thyroid situation. He said he would meditate on it. In the dream he has meditated and come up with something to give me. In the dream it is St. John’s Wort. This is the plant that we did in class right around the time of the equinox… “St. d’equinox”. In the class we taste the tinctures, without knowing what they are. This tincture made me feel really good, and made me stop thinking that I needed to take care of everything, for everyone. That was quite a relief! Simply put the tincture has very positive associations.

When I next spoke with Scott, he told me that he came up with Bugle Weed. He said he was a little suspicious of this, but that this is what the plant spirits said. So I have ordered some bugle weed, but also decided to try taking some St. John’s Wort for a while and see how that goes.

The crystal: the crystal in the dream is one that I was attracted to at the rock shop, but I wasn’t able to get it when I first met it. I hope that I can go back and get it soon. It has some crazy name I can’t remember, but it is a gentle crystal, that is supposed to be good for improving and maintaining health, and something else… what was that?

As far as the cocoa: This has a couple associations. One is that the days before this dream I was eating a lot of chocolate. This is something I haven’t done in a long time, because I have been avoiding sugar. But, I made some cupcakes with unsweetened chocolate and used erythritol, as a sweetener. It took me a while to realize that the caffeine in the chocolate was really affecting me. I was buzzing around making lots of plans shortly after each cupcake! Another thing is the day before I decided against getting this yogi tea with cocoa in it, because I thought I should avoid the caffeine. Hmmm… I am sure that the caffeine in the tea was minuscule compared to the cupcakes.

The equinox was one of the dates that I was making crazy plans around.

The golden light: lots of my dreams have been infused with the golden light lately, I am pondering it.

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I see a big (bigger than a brick) hunk of ruby/kyanite.



I met Ruby/Kyanite a couple months ago at a nearby rock shop (Healing Waters and Sacred Spaces). I got a very strong reaction from it–kind of like riding on a rocket. At the time I didn’t have the cash to get it.

Friday was payday and I was doing some budgeting. By that time I wasn’t thinking about the ruby/kyanite so much. Then I had the dream which reminded me–thank you very much. I went back to the shop and found it waiting for me.


The colors and visual textures of the stone look like pictures of the cosmos. When I look into the stone and meditate on it, it appears to be as non solid as the cosmos–it seems to go into space status (no longer solid), when you really look at it.


One of my current creation projects is getting pregnant. Ruby is excellent for removing energy blocks in the reproductive system. It’s also great for the physical and emotional heart, and plugs holes in the energy field (yarrow connection?). Kyanite naturally balances the chakras and does not need clearing. I can’t wait to learn from the dynamic duo.

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Plane Wing


Hanging out with three friends. One is an herbalist, one is Martin Crane from Frasier. We get on an airplane wing, sitting two-by-two, take liquid pharmaceuticals and then ride into the evening. I keep my left leg from dangling by putting it up by the herbalist. The first time I have my shoes on and he can handle it. The second time, I have by socks off and he can’t take it–he really doesn’t like bacteria. This is quite a surprise, he seems like such an earthy guy. We all talk a lot. Later we’re in a living room and I ask Martin when he became afraid of water, meaning dreams. He’s behind a bookcase grabbing something and he doesn’t hear. Still, I like talking about dreams.

Wake: So, I am taking an herb class with 2 others and the teacher. I like it very much. Before bed, I asked brown bear and seed crystal where I should best direct my energy. Then I find myself with the herb group :). When I woke up Kevin said that I had been having an in depth conversation in my sleep–but he couldn’t remember the details. I wonder about what makes dreams different that one ends up talking out loud, and clearly or unclearly.

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Crystal Selenium Fish

I’m in a small booth/room, like part of a market or craft fare. I’m looking at crystals for sale. There are less than ten crystals, and that is all the lady is selling. The room is empty besides the card table and bed. The lady behind the card table looks like she leads a very unhealthy lifestyle. She is gravely and rough around the edges, but not unfriendly. The colors are golden in the room. One of the crystals is very large, it looks like part of a fish, like the middle part with no tail or head, but a fin along the top (it seems to be naturally occurring, not shaped into the form). The crystal looks like a geode in color—purples and clear and some gray-blues, but clearer than a geode. I think it is selenium. When I hold the crystal is it not just an intensified energy flow like a normal potent rock, nope, this is high voltage, like electricity. She tells me, “yeah, I get a little energy off that one.” I laugh to myself, “Yup, it has a little energy.”

This fish crystal is $175, there is another one that is the same material but is smaller and looks like a regular crystal formation, it is only $65. I mention to her that the fish one is a little expensive. When I look at it this time, it does not have the fin all the way across the top. She replies, “Yeah, but look at it.” Clearly there is no argument. The fish crystal is worth it, I am just not sure if I should spend the money. I look at it again and see that there are water pockets on the outside and little orange fish—the size of minnows—are swimming through them. There is one pocket on the fin that is the shape of a hand, and the tip of the middle finger extends to another hand shaped pocket on the opposite side. Fish can swim on either side of the fin. She explains that you can hold your hands over the fin pockets to warm up the fish. It is such a beautiful crystal, but I am not sure about the money, so I leave.

Coco, the dog, pulls on his leash to get me over to Kevin, where he is standing in the courtyard. He has a poem to show me. Well, we go up over a roof first (more direct by smell, I guess) and we could get there by going in through someone’s apartment. I open the trap door on the roof and see someone talking. Instead I take us down and around to the courtyard. Kevin is being bashful and has written his poem on a soft metal umbrella (tin I guess). It is so high up that I have to jump up and sit on a sculpture of a rearing horse in order to read it.

Later I am in a shop that he shares with another lady. Who is this lady? I don’t know. The colors are golds and yellow/golds throughout the courtyard and the shop. They are setting up the window gradually, but it will take a long time before it is all ready—months maybe.
I go back to the shop to buy the crystal. It is still there—I was worried that it would be gone. Unfortunatly the woman is gone, so I have no one to give my money. I stand there, unsure what to do.


First of all, the drawing: I know it is bad, but I just got this graphics tablet and I’m experimenting. I had a lot of fun with the gold fish pocket.

Secondly: Selenium, hmmm… maybe I need some extra selenium. I read up on it and found that it can be implicated in low thyroid…while it is very uncommon to have a deficiency, most of the sources are meat, and I am a life long vegetarian. I shall do some selenium experimentation. And I will also save a little money in case of a crystal buying emergency. (I had been thinking about my financial planning, and I never do plan for money for special crystals that I meet.)

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Crystal Cave

It’s nighttime and rainy. Two men dressed as homeless people lead me into the crystal cave. They are dressed that way but it is just clothing, they are solid people, very firm in their centers.  The cave is different than I thought it would be. Instead of a big cavern deep in the earth, it is a small place very low to the ground on the street. In the street actually, the entrance is only a foot, or a foot and a half high, more like the space under a tree than a typical cave. One of the men comes in with me, the other stays just outside the entrance, looking in. I am up to my chest in a puddle on the street, in the cave. It’s small, but still there is maybe four feet in each direction. My chest hurts and I’m panicking a little. Bright bands of light illuminate the walls in segments, this is what I am supposed to see. I start talking about leaving. Maybe I am panicking because I’m claustrophobic–I don’t think so. I decide to leave. The men don’t seem to object, the one outside takes my hand and helps me out.

The day before I was lying on the bed with a stone on my chest, meditating on it. It hurt where the stone was, so I didn’t spend that much time with the stone. After this dream I tried just holding the stone and spending much more time–with very positive results.

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