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This past weekend I went to Home Depot.  As I walked in I felt a fluttering above my head. I looked up and saw two pigeons had just flown in above me.

There are many pigeons in Portland, as everywhere I guess. I have come to appreciate the pigeons a little more lately. I meditate in this small little room/walk in closet in the attic in the front peak of the house. Directly across the street there is another peak, often I look out of my small window to see a pigeon hanging out on top of the peak, or working on a nest in its overhang. Then the other day I found a pigeon feather below his spot. Sweet little pigeon feather. I hope to learn more about the way of the pigeon soon.


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I’ve been really enjoying my new nest. I am not seeing as many hawks and bald eagles in Portland. Still, my new place is nest high, I look out on the trees and get to see lots of birdies passing by. In particular hummingbirds, crows, pigeons, little brown birds, extra small birds (not sure who they are yet), and, fairly regularly, a blue heron passes above.


I am standing in a garage. There is a lush park across street. There is someone with me–more of a presence than an identity. I am holding a monkey wrench, there are grease stains on the cement floor. I am working on some repairs.

Across the street, out on a tree limb, I see a slightly scruffy gray bird with a spot of yellow. I think “Killdeer”, but it acts like cat, stretching out languidly on its back, holding its head up with its arms. I see a bird flying towards the park. It looks like a blue heron as it flies, but when it lands it is a glorious peacock. Very beautiful and graceful, it’s neck is longer than any pictures I have seen, also it is very tall, maybe four feet–it walks like a dancer. It quickly crosses the street and comes by the garage. It hands out one of its tail feathers to each person quickly and gracefully as it walks by. I think “Dee!”. The feather I am given has two iridescent eyes at the end instead of one. It’s not as pretty as the ones with one big eye, but I know it is very special. The peacock is still walking around by the garage. Right in front of the garage, just to the left of where I am standing, there is a parrot. Its colors are so bright. Red and blue and even a red and white mohawk. The parrot looks up at me sometimes, it’s hopping around like crow and kind of barking. I try to talk with it, using its noises, but I don’t seem to be getting through. Still it’s wonderful to see.

Killdeer/Catbird: This gray and yellow bird reminds me a little of this checkout guy at the grocery store, because of a common gray mohawk. The checkout guy was a pleasant surprise for a couple reasons: 1. he was in his 50’s or 60’s and had a floppy gray mohawk. 2. he called me Ms. Michaud and pronounced my last name correctly (definitely a rarity). The bird also reminds me of Kevin. Also an owner of a floppy gray mohawk. Plus the languid, stretch out position was a Kevin classic. Kevin is also very cat like, good at sharing the message of the importance of relaxing.

Peacock Dee: In the dream I associate the Peacock with my longtime friend Dee. She is always very generous, so I often associate her with Turkey, aka Mr. Giveaway. But she does have a huge tattoo of a peacock on her thigh, and a sense of style more akin to peacock than turkey.

Crowco the Parrot: The parrot reminds me of crows in my neighborhood, but also my chihuahua, Coco. He’s so bright and funny and needy. I try to communicate with him, and sometimes it works to talk, usually it works a lot better to send pictures to him. I talk a lot to the crows in my neighborhood. They look at me curiously, but I don’t really know if there is a connection.

As for the repair work: Yesterday I was doing some interior work/healing with crystals, and a couple different energies came to me: ruby, a quartz wand, emerald and lapis. This is how I associate these energies with the dream: The ruby reminds me of the red, fiery, mars energy of Coco, who’s always ready for the attack. The quartz wand seems associated with Kevin who is good at focusing energy, and also the tree branch, which also sends out energy like a wand, but is much bigger than its operator (the catbird). The emerald and lapis are colors of the peacock’s feathers, and my feather had two eyes instead of the usual one. I associate emerald with heart chakra, pure love and giving in a balanced way, the lapis I associate with purifying/the fifth chakra and grace. I also see Dee as an example of healthy generosity and loving.

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I’ve been dreaming but, I haven’t had internet for the last week or so things have been very slow. Yesterday I went on a long walk down at Oaks Bottom, special marshy place. Got to see lots of a awesome bird action. Hawks and an eagle, sitting rather far away, so not sure if it was an immature or a golden. Also saw osprey in their nest and and many many herons, and a wide array of little birdies. I actually went out because my sister in law told me she had seen a screech owl and a barred owl sleeping in the trees there earlier. I wasn’t so lucky in the owl department, but had an awesome time nonetheless.

Dream: (a couple nights ago)
I am inside sitting on the floor cross legged, I am looking out a wide opening in the wall. Reminds me of a Japanese house with the wide doors and big porches. I see a kettle of birds rising. They are in a loose tornado like formation. Mostly there are bald eagles, but I see a sitting swan (representing grace and faith in the future) rising up with them. I look closely and see a eagle that has morphed from a sea gull into what looks more like a white tailed eagle. (There are lots of sea gulls here in Portland.) I watch as the eagle gracefully flaps his wings. As he’s flapping he brings in the tip of his left wing to his beak and blows me a kiss. I am so happy just to see the birds and then very delighted when he gracefully blows me a feather kiss. I try to take some pics of the birds, but fail to get anything. Then later I see two large mountain rams (I think) sitting in an adjacent room looking out at me and a group of people. They are very large and hairy and and a soft rust color. I am sitting right in the doorway and try to take pics but people keep leaning in front of me with their point and shoots and blocking my shots. I ask this lady to give me a little room, and she gets pissed and asks why I should have space. I shy away.

The night before this dream I was doing some tarot and used my eagle feather to help me out and asked eagle for help seeing the bigger picture. I felt the energy strongly and felt that I finally understood a bit more about how to ask for help from the animals. Thank you Eagle!

So while I didn’t get any pics in the dream I did get a few at Oaks Bottom. Here are the Osprey in their nest.

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Feather Bundle

Dream: Getting ready to go on a group trip with some people I don’t recognize, particularly lots of guys. I sit down at a picnic table with some other people while we are waiting for our ride (basically, i think we’re going to get on a yellow school bus). On the table there is a bundle of feathers from a small to medium sized bird. They are all pristine and are tied around the bottom. There is a long feather that is curved a bit, reminding me of the tails that point up when sitting. Then there are some other smaller feathers and some down all included. They are gray with some small white stripes. It reminds me a bundle of feathers I found that included feathers of all sizes from a woodpecker (gray with more stripes), this feather bundle I found was not tied but connected from coming out of the bird at the same spot.
I ask the leader about the feathers. He is a middle aged man with a large pot belly, he is dressed in a plain light blue tee-shirt and looks a little on the dumpy side. He says that they appeared to this other guy on the trip, he says it all kind of flat, “not someone you really think would be a bird person”. The guy is a little strange and rough around the edges. It’s curious why he left them on the table.

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Vulture River

Dream: I go to France and swim in a huge river. Normally humans don’t go there, it is filthy and suitable only for turkey vultures. I see little down feathers on the water’s surface and it does look obviously gross, rather than just polluted.
I am then in the airport to go home. I had trouble getting my ticket but Erica (sister in law) has found one for me at the last minute. The airline worker at the check-in asks me if I travel often. I say yes, I have recently been on a couple in country flights and then to France, and India, and back to France–not to mention that I keep ending up in airports, on flights and traveling in my dreams. I notice that she is looking at the computer and it says “bereavement flight” and she is suspicious. I walk through to the security check. I have several tickets but none are quite right. I finally put one in with the wrong name on it and it works. No one is there to confirm it is me. I walk towards the terminal now and a airport worker walks up beside me, and holding my hand says: how could you have tried to get a flight for the death of your mother? Now don’t say anything when you show your coins and people pick your pockets, that is just how it is done in our culture. She is obviously very pissed that I got a flight deal for a death that didn’t happen. I wonder if that is how Erica got the flight. Even though I asked for her help it wasn’t my intent to do anything of the kind.

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Feather House

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I’ve been reading about feather magic from Ted Andrews and going back into my feather collection. I’ve also been noticing more feathers in my walks. Before I just liked touching something that had been up, but now there is more of a potential to use the feather as a tool.
Quote from “Son of a Witch” during Liir’s first flight: “He circled the Emerald City, afraid if he landed he would return to being slightly dead. How could anyone live without flying?”

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Getting closer the swallows, and figuring out how to shoot them, they move so fast, especially compared to my usual subjects. When I was out at Lake MacBride visiting the swallows, I found all these beautiful feathers on the ground. There were many more that were not as nice. I didn’t get a look at the birds living nearby, and have no idea what species they come from. But perhaps if I find enough they will be in the next set of Fly Awake souvenirs.
Here is one of the souvenirs from my last show. An old glass slide mount with part of a chest x-ray in it, to hang in the light. Some had turkey feathers and some drawings of an ear (with “wake up” instead of “fly awake”). They were free at the reception.

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