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Fox Tail Key

Been reading Woman in the Shaman’s Body, by Barbara Tedlock. Just getting started, but it mentions a study that was done comparing the success of shamans vs psychotherapists. The shamans having clients/patients somehow publicly perform their dreams (through song, poetry, etc) had an 80% rate of the condition healing, whereas the traditional psychotherapeutic methods had a 30% rate of success. Who knows the details of the study (it is referenced extensively in the book), but it is interesting to think about.
Also, I have been having lots of fun experiencing the dream world and whatever it has to offer me, but thinking more about focusing my intent on lucid dreaming and guiding the dream journey. Doing some reading on this and focusing my energy on it.

This dream takes place (a chunk of it) in a similar large law building as last night’s, and has fox, so I am including it.

Dream: From outside the window, (I sit at a desk in the large law office building,) a man shows me how to make a new key to protect my stuff. He is trying to get in. The key may have been for my computer, or just to get in the door to the little porch he’s on. The key consists of the far end of a red fox’s tail, (a couple inches of red fur and then the white tip,) the detached part of the tail flows smoothly into a molar. A new aluminum key hole is poured around the tooth, so that only its roots will fit in the lock.
A confrontation with our enemies arises. I hide the key and the stiff remains of the fox in one of the desk drawers. I get up and go to the center of this large room, where our teams are meeting and there looks to be trouble brewing. These enemies of ours have done so many evil things to us. Why don’t we contact the police? Well, we have some things to hide too, and so are in a spot. I think we are getting off easy this time. They don’t seem to be going for blood as quickly. We end up outside and the heated discussion continues.
Alas it turns out that the whole, less awful event was a cover–they showed me how to make the key only so they could steal it. When I go back to the desk the key and the fox are gone.
Earlier, in another place, the college ghetto in Iowa City?, the teacher was killing people by taking off the top of their skull, removing a chunk of brain and then leaving them to slowly die, over a course of a couple days. The youngest girl saw that she (the teacher) would give the victims a drink (a little yellow fluid that looked rich in electrolytes or possibly medicated). She kept it away from one girl, thinking that would help, but she died too. She felt guilty for the death.
A psychic on the lawyer team picks up information about who killed this girl. He almost lets the information out in front of the opposing side. Their leader expresses how keen he is to know who did it–apparently the dead girl was very valuable to their side.
Years later, the youngest girl now in her 20’s, the truth comes out about her involvement in the death. Even though she was one of many involved, the teacher really did it, and killing her was important for the cause, she feels very guilty and fearful. She hides herself, initially planning to move out of the country. They are in an Irelandish place now. The older man she is seeing knows of this and he keeps saying to himself “there are plenty of safe places to hide here”. She ends up finding a house there. Her friends come over to comfort her. She finds bright yarn in a shelf by her new front door. She hears her boyfriend’s voice, but can’t find him until he steps out from a rack of coats. He didn’t want to upset her by his presence. He doesn’t care at all about the killing, and gave her the yarn to cheer her up. She feels better and safe.


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Kitty vs the Birds

Fox showed up again last night. Watched Grizzly Man, not too captivated by the bears, but there was lots of awesome footage of fox families in action. Super cute.

Dream: Picking up freshly killed birds from the lawn. There were several, recently killed by Kitty, but they weren’t eaten, just neck bites and limp.

The last couple places I have lived the birds have nested right outside my window (on the fire escape, on the air conditioning unit). I miss them. Now, living with Ka-Ka-Kitty and having bird carcasses in the yard (many) not seeing as many birds nearby–smart birds. Since the dream I have noticed a little more bird activity in the yard.

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Fox and Eagle

Dream: As I was waking up flash on a scene of a bright red fox in a grassy clearing, looking at me.
It’s been a while since I have had a visit from fox.

Later in the morning bald eagle showed up on the dreamscape.
If you ever want to see bald eagles, come to Iowa City.

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