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Hawk vs. Falcon


Kevin has super powers of the hawk variety, he is going to duel with a guy who has super powers of the falcon variety. I don’t know about the super powers part, but I know there might be a fight. I am outside in the yard, it’s nighttime, I go inside through the walkout basement. The house is big and there are people streaming through it. It might be a dorm. It’s somewhere I live but not really my home.

I’m upstairs with my mother. She is going to tell me the story of the jewelry. I go back downstairs to the laundry area. I discover that I’d hidden some stuff in a pair of my jeans. The stuff starts falling out, back into the laundry basket. There are colorful books (children’s level) on hawks. There are also some bobbles.  I try to gather it up without anyone noticing. There are people coming down the stairs and I am facing them, but they don’t seem to notice what I’m doing, or rather, that the stuff is important. The information about the hawks is secret, if the wrong people get it, it could be disastrous. I wonder in what ways a hawk is more powerful than a falcon.

Kevin will end up winning the battle.


I am intrigued by the levels of knowing in the dream. There is the dreamed character and the dreamer who witnesses. I wonder about tapping into these different levels of awareness in dreaming and waking time.


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I am with a couple friends. One of the girls is pointing out a hawk to me as it flies behind a building.  I am not really paying attention at first, but then I see it is a hawk.  I catch the last glimpses of it.


I have really been missing all the birds and animals that I used to see all the time in Iowa. Perhaps what this dream is suggesting, and what I think is probably true, is that I’m just not paying as much attention. Today I sat down to work on my map project and looked out the window. There was a hawk circling, coming closer and closer.  Yeah! Time to start paying more attention to nature.

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Harris Hawk Gets Shot


I am in a grassy neighborhood. I see a harris hawk in the trees near me. I move my head around to make sure that’s what it really is. There are many branches blocking it. There is a middle-aged man standing near me. He looks like the type of nature lover who likes to kill things in nature, dressed very redneck. I walk away, but he calls me back over. He says the hawk is dying. I ask if he shot the bird. He says, “No.”

I walk back over. The hawk is standing near us, then laying on the ground. We both would like some feathers. If he has died of natural causes I will take a couple. A woman and her daughter walk by. I hold my hand over the bird to see if it is okay to take feathers. He says no. I look at his chest and see he’s been shot with a bb gun. I guess the man didn’t think that a bb counted as really shooting the bird.

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I go on a trek looking for Barred Owl. My sister in law has seen one. She tells me there’s one living in the carousel down by Oaks Bottom. She says there are two screech owls 1/4 mile down a trail, in a huge rotted out tree. I don’t know the trail. I go to the carousel but I can’t find Mr. Barred. I don’t see anything in there at all. I think he would be pretty hard to miss. But maybe I’ll check back later. I go and see what excitement might come to me today.

I park my bike by the marsh and it promptly falls over. I leave it there and look at the swallows and herons. I see a red bellied hawk, a vulture and a young eagle. I take my bike and park it by a trail. Maybe I will see this big old tree afterall. I walk the trail and then down to the marsh. I am kind of hidden, it seems like life is closer to me. A young eagle swoops to fish. He flies above me off and on, still carrying his snack. I have a snack. I keep thinking I should check for my cell phone. It’s not there. I think it fell out when my bike fell over. After a while I slowly make my way back to my bike to look for my phone.

I am about to unlock my bike and a lady rides up to me asking if I am Lily. I am. She has my phone. She called my brother and he told her about the owl. She wants to see it. We decide to go back to the carousel. Her boyfriend, Aaron, comes too. When we get there I still can’t see anything. Her boyfriend points out a screech. Here is the screech living in the carousel! The screech flies to the top of the inside. I can barely see, but am so excited. I want to take a picture, but it is way too dark. A carni comes up to us. He takes us behind the locked gate and shows us where the screech 2 is resting. Not 8 feet away. So excited! I get my picture (thank you owl!) and then we have to leave the gated area. We talk for a little while. They are friends of birds and from the midwest, too. What a strange path to take to meet the owl.

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Dream: Pleasant conversation with a cartoon like version of the (crowish) bald eagle from my dream the other night.

I don’t remember the conversation right now, but it seemed jovial enough. The bird was small and squat and had the darkened coloring (dark goldish head) of the crowy eagle when the light first changed enough for me to see more than it’s outline and realize it was not a crow. I am wondering if my drawing and painting of dream birds is the connection here. Also the bird reminds me of Herky the Hawk. I was thinking (again) recently how silly it is that he’s called a hawk when he looks like a bald eagle. At any rate, thanks for the visit!

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I’ve been dreaming but, I haven’t had internet for the last week or so things have been very slow. Yesterday I went on a long walk down at Oaks Bottom, special marshy place. Got to see lots of a awesome bird action. Hawks and an eagle, sitting rather far away, so not sure if it was an immature or a golden. Also saw osprey in their nest and and many many herons, and a wide array of little birdies. I actually went out because my sister in law told me she had seen a screech owl and a barred owl sleeping in the trees there earlier. I wasn’t so lucky in the owl department, but had an awesome time nonetheless.

Dream: (a couple nights ago)
I am inside sitting on the floor cross legged, I am looking out a wide opening in the wall. Reminds me of a Japanese house with the wide doors and big porches. I see a kettle of birds rising. They are in a loose tornado like formation. Mostly there are bald eagles, but I see a sitting swan (representing grace and faith in the future) rising up with them. I look closely and see a eagle that has morphed from a sea gull into what looks more like a white tailed eagle. (There are lots of sea gulls here in Portland.) I watch as the eagle gracefully flaps his wings. As he’s flapping he brings in the tip of his left wing to his beak and blows me a kiss. I am so happy just to see the birds and then very delighted when he gracefully blows me a feather kiss. I try to take some pics of the birds, but fail to get anything. Then later I see two large mountain rams (I think) sitting in an adjacent room looking out at me and a group of people. They are very large and hairy and and a soft rust color. I am sitting right in the doorway and try to take pics but people keep leaning in front of me with their point and shoots and blocking my shots. I ask this lady to give me a little room, and she gets pissed and asks why I should have space. I shy away.

The night before this dream I was doing some tarot and used my eagle feather to help me out and asked eagle for help seeing the bigger picture. I felt the energy strongly and felt that I finally understood a bit more about how to ask for help from the animals. Thank you Eagle!

So while I didn’t get any pics in the dream I did get a few at Oaks Bottom. Here are the Osprey in their nest.

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Already There

Dream: I arrive in Portland, at my brother’s house. I go in and sit next to him on the couch for a bit. He is a little bit frowny, but that’s not unusual. I go peek out the window across from us. It is an awesome view (mostly of nature). I go outside and across the street, behind the houses, I can see what looks like a newer, good quality grade school. It is really big, it stretches around the curved street, so it looks like it takes up more than a block. I look over to my right and see a very large brown bird, of the yellow feet variety, (golden? junior baldy, or hawk?) stooping to catch something. Then I see him flying up after skimming the river. He has something in his beak, it is dripping–maybe a fish? Only just arrived and already seeing exciting bird action. I go inside. Later Erica takes me around to help me find a job.

So I woke up feeling good about from the dream, but spent the day, not in Portland, but packing the moving van in very rainy, moderately cold, very slushy weather. Not as bad as I thought it would be, overall just very glad to be packing up and shipping out.

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