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So, lots of stuff has gone down in the last couple of days. Mostly involving hurtling ourselves and all of our belongings across the country in a moving van, through blizzards, torrents of rain and gun crazy countrysides. It was very beautiful and I was very excited to meet some new birds: Golden eagles!!! being most exciting. Also saw a couple groups of very cute deer grazing by the road. Now we are in Portland, which is super beautiful, lush and green.

As far as “Already There“, my brother is less frowny than before, there isn’t a school across the street, but a really cool play park, and the view is awesome.

Last night dream (first night in Portland): I fly like crazy through big buildings. Rather, I fly fast, with big sweeps, like a little bird through many buildings with large open spaces and very high ceilings. After a couple buildings I end up in the Iowa City post office. I try to open my mail box while flying, but I have to come down to get the key in. I grab the mail (just a few pieces), and head out. On the way out I see our old realtor doing voter registration, I smile at him on my way past.
Still flying around, I get the word that I should go meet up with Jamie Jyoti about India. It seems she is one of the people that still remembers the magic. This is odd because we had a hard time clicking in India. I go see her. She is eating mung dahl and some other stuff. She spills it. I help to clean it up. I realize it is my mess too, but that when we are done cleaning we will both forget India.

Two nights ago (at Super 8 in Cheyenne, WY (birthplace of Taco Johns), hadn’t been able to meditate for a couple days): Ma comes up to me and says: “I normally wouldn’t say this, but Guruji stood up in the meditation room and said, ‘I’ve been waiting for Lily for 10 minutes.'” I see the image of Him doing so as She tells me.
Flying through an orangish hotel building (nighttime lighting). I stop to open doors. Just through the doors and up in the air, I realize I am dreaming. I immediately sit down to meditate. I have my old gray sweater from high school on, the one with a little leather trim on the pockets. I don’t want to wear it for meditating. I try to manifest Kevin’s blue cardigan, but it doesn’t work. I decide to go to Nikora to the temple to meditate instead. As soon as I get there I wake up.
I immediately get up, shower and mantrocise–yeah!


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India: Flying Awake

Dream (from before India): Am at a retreat with Ma. I sit down but don’t have a clear line of view of Her. At the moment that I think about this and how I want to see Her, She moves a little to Her left and motions for the person in front of me to move to the side a bit. Now I am able to see and I feel a wave of energy come over me from Ma. She then gets up to go into another room.

So in the dream life my interactions with Ma (and in general) tend to go smoothly, however in waking I am much more shy and nervous. During the India trip I was sitting, and not having a clear view of Ma, as pujas were going on. I thought I would try a little experiment and go ahead and desire to see Her, and lean forward a bit to get a better view. People seemed to shift a bit and then I was able to see Her and felt the same type of energy wave as in the dream. A little lucidity in the waking dream. Sadaguru deva ki jai!

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One type of swallow: I was wondering why they kept going up to these walls. Now that I see the pic with all the bugs it makes total sense. These are the shorter tail swallow that were plentiful all day long. Of course I totally love swallows and was just delighted to see them. But also I was happy to see them, because they eat up all those potentially dangerous mosquitoes.
Pretty blurry, but I love this pic of the long tail swallows that were also very prevalent there.
I’ve never really gotten to see a swallow take a break. They are the birds that fly the longest distances out to sea, etc. If they are taking a break, they have usually are flying into their little nests. But, here at the Anandi Ma ashram, many take a break.

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India: flight dream

Dream: I fly around a lot, very easily, way more than normal. I use it in my private investigation work. I see people who have been killed, or are about to be killed and go and help them. I do it all very covertly. People could see me, but I am sly, so they don’t . I am in love with this young fat man. I loved him as a child, and still do. He loves me too, but for some reason he cannot see my physical form. He sees me as three dots of light (like soul dots). I go visit him and dance like a faerie for him. He is so happy when I do.
I save a woman, but realize there is a larger plot going on. I go to classes. I’ve learned that the head teacher of the law school is key–she is the one behind this. I go to law school undercover to get a closer eye on her. (The building feels like my high school.) I get rides to school with the teacher (a good one, not the head). She is sweet and I trust her, but I can’t reveal my true self. She may think that something is wrong with me (mentally–that I’m sad or something), but it is just that I am hiding.
My under cover/law stuff includes pretending I am a sorority girl. The sorority girls don’t suspect a thing (I am a little amazed by this).
I am very happy to be flying and helping people.

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India, pt 1–BIRDS

I just got back from India, still a bit jet-lagged, but I wanted to start writing about some of my experiences. Bird info to start off.

On the way to the airport:
As we were starting out on our drive from Iowa City to the Des Moines airport (about a 2 hour drive), just before we get on the interstate, I thought to myself how nice it would be see one cool bird, and how that would be a good sign about the trip. Well, we ended up seeing 25 hawks–almost all sitting in trees looking out along the highway, an owl (this is mid morning, also sitting in a tree, but looking away from the road), and 5 bald eagles–two were sitting in trees, but then as we got close to the airport we saw 3 flying (a pair of juveniles and 1 flying off in the distance). I have never seen so many birds so close-up in such a short period of time–needless to say, I was very excited, and took it as a good sign!

After we got done doing our flying (at least 20 hours of interminable night on the way there) we road in a bus to Nikora (very small town on the Narmada river). All along the way we saw many, many white cranes, which are just beautiful, very pristine in contrast to the dusty, organic scenery.

When we got to Nikora the cranes disappeared and instead there were many crows and magpies. One magpie flew so close to my head that I could feel it–they definitely weren’t shy. And, last but not least…swallows! Where there is water, bugs, a cliff and heat there will be swallows. With the huge river (bigger than the Mississippi at its low point) and a global warming winter–80’s and 90’s–they were plentiful. I actually thought I was seeing the male and female of one type of swallow, but I later found out that there were actually two types of swallows, a nice long forked tail and a more standard shorter tail. (I do have some pictures of the swallows, which will find themselves up on the blog in a week or so, when my new computer comes to town and I can upload pics again. Very much looking forward to that!)

With the birds alone I was pretty much in heaven–and that was just the tip of the iceberg.

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