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Astrology in Action

I am on the cusp of Libra, so I often find that when I read my horoscope it is about events just passed. I found Rob Brezsny’s ‘scope to be particularly apt, in relation to the last set of dreams I posted.

Do you think you could arrange to drive a car equipped with a jet engine through desert salt flats at 200 miles per hour? Given the current astrological omens, that would be my first recommendation for you. If that’s not possible, would you consider enrolling in circus school and learning how to be safely and elegantly shot out of a cannon? And if neither of those two alternatives are likely, Libra, please somehow stir up a visceral sense of moving speedily toward the future. “


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Cold Water

So, I knew there was a reason that I posted last night’s dream (Water Canyon). Today I went to a creek behind my favorite tree in Hickory Hill to shoot for my bald eagle dream. The water there is pretty clear compared to the other water ways here. I got in and nearly fell over, not due to the current, but the cold. So cold! Should have gone last week when it was 80F! And the water instantly muddied up around my feet. So I will have to find me a rocky stream somewhere warmer and try that. I cannot imagine polar bear swims. Ye-gads!

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