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Wolf Mouth

Dream: My boss asks me if I brush my teeth in the morning. All I see is a close up of her face. I respond “yes” but flash to a close up of my not perfectly white teeth and feel a little insecure. She says that she had thought if I didn’t then maybe if I did it would prevent me from having such a Wolf Mouth. I see close up of a wolf’s mouth.

Hmmm…So, I was feeling a little insecure at work, because of saying something a little off the wall in front of my boss. But I normally associate wolves with leadership, teacher, moon connection, not something i’d want to avoid, or particularly related to my behavior the other day. Although I am sure some others think of wolf as scary, and maybe stretching it, they could have dog breath too.
I associate teeth with accuracy. Mine being not quite white is mildly interesting in relation to that.
I do wish I had more time to spend on practices (purification?) in the morning before work, and if I did I would probably feel more relaxed and rested at work, and less likely to say wacky things.


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Been really hot at night since arriving in Portland, consequently having nightmares. Still on Iowa winter blankets, I guess. Here is another round of torture.

Dream: Outside my old high school (Iowa City), supposed to meet people to go on a hot air balloon ride. Kind of like a school project, we have to figure everything out for ourselves. The judges are there, and others who are going in different balloons, too, but not my people. I have been experimentally/impatiently going up and down in the balloon. Okay, two freaking hours later, the group strolls out of the high school. Apparently they were meeting inside at the time we set? So, this balloon is really only built for two, max, but four want to come. One extra large man particularly wants to come. Trying to be polite about his size, never mind that he wasn’t originally supposed to be in the basket. All this is making it rather hard to get off the ground. I was going to wing it, but due to the extra weight I go talk to the teacher. There’s some formula apparently, pounds times something gives number of liters of oxygen needed. It’s just not going to work. Screw this. Wait for hours and then can’t even go up.
Something happens, scene changes and I am in the school. Someone has a bunch of people (girls) in the gym lined up all around the perimeter. He doesn’t start with the first person, but close to the beginning he starts slitting throats. The first girl gets up and runs off (sensing a problematic situation), I am not in the gym, but we meet up and run off together. It’s slow running/struggled flight for me. We end up parting ways further down college street. The guy never came after us and stopped slitting throats after a dozen, or maybe 20 girls. He was only looking to kill the innocent, or something along those lines, perhaps seeing the killing made the others less innocent.
Once we part ways, a wolf starts chasing me. I am flying, but not fast enough, or high enough. He snaps at my heels. I keep trying to create a mirror bubble energy shield to deflect him (something I just read about yesterday (Walks With Thunder article)), but it doesn’t seem to work, probably because I am too afraid. He wants my yellow spleen energy (something I have been trying to cultivate recently, which is bright in the dream, but seems deficient in waking time). As I am floating and kind of trying to kick him off/avoid bites, Kevin walks up, as though he and I were planning on meeting at the top of this hill anyway.
Everything deescalates, the wolf, I assume is still there, but I come down to earth, looking at Kevin who’s excited and showing me the new cassette tapes he got.

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