Thanksgiving Buffalo


In some dark building. I look at a bunch of people. They are sitting with their blankets. One is made of two buffalo hides sewn together in the middle to form a rectangle.  This blanket is dirty and there is no energy in it. It is a sad blanket. I am instructed to take it to a powerful place and put the energy back in it. I think this means a place in nature, but once I get outside I am guided up the outside metal staircase, to the roof of a five or six story building. This building is among the trees, it seems like an old hospital or maybe a office or apartment building. This was the building I was just in.  There are people milling about around the building. I sit on the side of the roof opposite the stairs. I hold my hands above the blanket and let the energy fill the blanket. I think that maybe it is so low energy because it was made by killing without respect.

Soon the blanket is full of energy and I have a vision of a buffalo surrounded by vivid green grass. I feel joyful, the buffalo seems joyful. We communicate, in a way where my spirit body communicates but my mind doesn’t really understand. My body moves as this happens. People are walking around on the roof near me–they see what I’m doing, but don’t seem to mind.

I am told this is my gift. (Putting energy in and feeling/communicating.)


It seems the buffalo’s death can be made better by the energy interaction, even so long after his death. It seems like this thing I love so much–communicating through energy with plants, rocks, and animals, can go further than I thought. In my waking time, I am starting to see how my interactions, that help me so much, also give love and help to the beings I communicate with.

This was a perfect dream for Thanksgiving. The buffalo symbolizes manifesting abundance through right action and right prayer. Buffalo is also about gratitude and groundedness. I am learning how setting the right gentle intention for crystal work, plant work, work with relatives, etc can very much change the type of experience you would have. Approach with gentleness and love, receive gentleness and love. Also, expressing thanks for all the abundance that is in my life.  So beautiful, so often!

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. I like everyone joining together to remember what they have to be thankful for. It can also be hard for me as a vegetarian. Seeing all the meat is upsetting. The last couple Thanksgivings I have been to, it seemed like people were having trouble thinking of what they had to be thankful for. Buffalo spirit made me feel that by honoring the food/meat and recognizing all that we have to be thankful for things can be made better–nature can feel the respect due. It is so important to be grateful for the food that we are given.

As we head into the winter the Bison is a symbol of strength, using its large head to push aside snow and eat the green grass underneath. Slowly moving along the easiest path, appreciating the natural flow of an unhurried life.

Thank you to Bison/Buffalo and to my crystal wand that has been helping my sleep and dreams the last few days.


Yogic Knitting


I hold a yoga/meditation/knitting class. Two to three hundred people fill up this huge auditorium. My class is called “yoga teachers intensive”.  There’s been some miscommunication. They came because they thought it was a Yoga Teacher Intensive, a class going on at a place with a similar name. My class is once a week ongoing. That class is four days long. I can’t even tell the people they are confused. They are so loud, talking to each other. I need a microphone to get them to hear. Finally they hear me, all but eight people leave. This is a much better turn out than I was expecting. Maybe it was a good thing that the miscommunication happened, otherwise there probably would have only been two or three people.
My first couple classes go really well. I talk about doing mantras and pranayam with your knitting, as well as stretches to do before and after you knit. Someone asks what skills they need for the class. “Only how to knit, purl and cast-on.” People knit whatever they want, but they seem to knit-along, we all seem to be working on similar issues at the same time. I show one lady how to loosen a knot in the middle of her row, so that it doesn’t stick out. There seem to be more like twenty people for the second class. It gives me a really good feeling to teach the classes. Then I start to worry about what my next session will be like. I worry about it with Kevin for a while and then I go do some shopping.

Crystal Talk


I go to sleep holding my seed crystal in my hand. Luc Bourgault recommends this practice when beginning to work with quartz. He says not to worry if you let go of the crystal, because it instinctively knows where to go to do the work needed. Then clear your crystal in salted water in the morning (see his instructions).

I wake up twice to find the crystal resting on my belly. I want to remember this because I know the crystal is working. I dream I am telling someone about it. She explains that the crystal talks to the area. I tell her it was pointed towards the area that needed help. She says, “Actually, it is pointed away from that area, to take the energy out. It only takes about 10 minutes.”

Throughout the night, my dreams are so much clearer, I feel mixed up with the clear quartz energy. I look forward to continuing sleep work with the crystal. Thank you crystal!


1. I go back to dance class. I’m really happy to be there and see my old dance teacher and some of the people I used to take class with. The colors are all browns. The only thing that is missing is the jumping, we are not doing any jumping in this class. How I love to jump. I get graded on all different aspects of my current dancing. Everyone else is graded too. I worry that my performance isn’t so good anymore. I get an “A”, “as always, lily” on my performance. I dance some more and am so happy. When people aren’t looking I try and do some of the flying I used to do. I do fly a little. The tricks I used in dream time are working now, while I’m awake! Yeah!!!

2. I go to camp, Joan (my boss) tells me to take the Oregon test. Erica will drive me there, she is taking the other test (the Washington test?). This test-taking is something you are normally supposed to prepare for–oh, well! At camp it turns out that you can stay longer. I do and my home is not a cabin, but a cardboard box–that’s what happens when you stay longer, but it doesn’t matter at all it is beautiful and great. I see another guy who’s stayed longer as well, he walks by me as I lay under my box, cuddled up against the grassy earth, comforted by the amazing blue sky that has just the right amount of clouds. I can’t see the coast from where I’m laying–I’m hours in from the water. When I look from above I can see the island, it is so beautiful, and I can see down to the bottom, how just the green top is shown to us, but how the sides go down to the bottom of the ocean. Birds fly above me–groups of birds–several kinds flying together. They are close, maybe I can identify some of them. I am so happy. I love being in nature again. Everywhere is green and fertile, very pleasant.

Waking, a couple patterns I’ve been noticing:

First of all, since before I took my first yoga class at my new yoga place, I’ve been having a “back to dance class-joy” dream the night before my next class. I did dance for about a dozen years, and have really been missing it lately. All the classes that I’ve been taking at Root Whole Body have a lot of movement in them–vinyasa, nia, and even pilates. Which I didn’t really know ahead of time. I am particularly liking the Nia stuff. Each time I have a dance dream (the night before class) it is very related to what happens in class. In this case the class I took (Vinyasa) was a particularly awesome movement class, alas there was no jumping, and I really felt that. It so could have been dance class, if we had just had some jumping! I am on the lookout for adult dance classes in Portland. Or, the night before I first stopped into Roots to check it out: I dreamt that I went to a yoga class where people were doing yoga-ish dance. It seemed cool and interesting. Then I go to Roots the next day, and they say: “We don’t just have yoga, we also have Nia–it’s kind of a mixture of dance and yoga.” Tee hee.

Secondly, these particular dreams happened the night following a galactic activation portal. Galactic activation portals are an aspect of the Mayan calendar–these are times when it is easier to download information from higher sources, i.e. otherworldly information, psychic connections. I would think that I would have crazier dreams during the actual day, but instead I keep having awesome dreams the night following the portal day. Perhaps this is me synthesizing the information/energy that has come during the g. a. p. day. For more information on this stuff, check out: Planet Art Network.

More Pudu Puda



I woke up with this running through my head: “You think you have problems? Talk to Pudu.” Indeed Pudu has problems.

In addition to suffering from habitat loss and parasites (mostly worms), the pudu is also suffering because of the introduction of other types of deer, challenging their food supply. A little more information here.

Habitat destruction is slowing down, so their is hope for Pudu. But what can be done to help ensure their future?

Dream of Pudu


Dream: Driving and stopped on highway 1, near K-mart. I am across the street and down a little from the store. There is a group of pudu near the store. I look over at them. I really want to connect. One comes over.

He says, “I am always on the go, traveling–it will be nice to be with you for a while.” I am very happy about this. I open the door to my station wago, and he gets without any problem, which surprises me a little. He is about twice the size of Coco. I look carefully to see that it is not just a morph of Coco. He is not coco. I touch his fur and it is different from the dog’s, and it is nice. I am happy to be with the deer.

A friend is with me in the car. We drive off talking, with the pudu in the car. The pudu and I hang out a couple times. The second time I see that he has a little rectangular patch on the back of his lower neck that is missing fur. It is invested with ants. He says, “I thought you might be able to help me with this.” That’s why he came, I think. I think about this ant embedded under the skin problem. What can I do, how can this be addressed, what does it mean symbolically?

Wake: Last night I read about the endangered pudu, the smallest deer, that resides in Argentina and Chile. They are delicate little creatures with virtually no way of protecting themselves, and are suffering from habitat destruction. For about the millionth time I thought about how much I miss all the deer that live in Iowa. Argh! I miss seeing them and feeling them nearby, and interacting with them in the dreams–I really want to see them again. So happy to see them in this dream.

Ants and deer. One of my totem animals is the ant. Ants are patient, and diligent workers, they know that if they don’t get something they wanted, that’s okay because something better is coming along. The deer is gentle and persevering in a gentle way. Here ants have tried to make a home in the neck of the deer. Is there not enough patience represented in the gentle creature. Or have they been too patient? Ants are also pests. Perhaps it is time to be aggressive with this invader that has not been a polite guest–the people destroying their habitat perhaps?

Now I just have to figure out how to help.



I am with a couple friends. One of the girls is pointing out a hawk to me as it flies behind a building.  I am not really paying attention at first, but then I see it is a hawk.  I catch the last glimpses of it.


I have really been missing all the birds and animals that I used to see all the time in Iowa. Perhaps what this dream is suggesting, and what I think is probably true, is that I’m just not paying as much attention. Today I sat down to work on my map project and looked out the window. There was a hawk circling, coming closer and closer.  Yeah! Time to start paying more attention to nature.